Biography Paul Gilbert - The Best World Guitarist

Paul Brandon Gilbert or Paul Gilbert was born on November 6, 1966 in Carbondale, Illinois - USA, at the age of 5 years (1971) Paul had started studying the guitar, 10 years later (1981) Paul try sending a demo tape to producer Mike Varney and outside dugaanya Mike admired his playing alongside Tony Macalpine. In 1984 Paul moved to LA and went on his guitar to school GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) and has now become this prestigious guitar school instructors.

In 1986 he joined his first band Racer X with his debut album "Street Lethal", then "Second Heat" (1987) & "Live! Extreme Volume "(1988). In 1989 Paul left Racer X and joined the band Mr.Big group with a respected bass player "Billy Sheehan", vocalist Eric Martin and drummer Pat Torpey. They launched her first album "Mr.Big" and Mr.Big debut in Japan in October.

Furthermore, Paul launched his next album: "Live! Raw Like Sushi "(1990)," Mr. Big - Lean into it "(1991)," Mr.Big - San Francisco Live "(1992)," Racer X - Live Extreme Volume 2 "(1992)," Mr.Big - Bump Ahead "(1993)," Mr.Big - Live! Raw Like Sushi 2 "(1994)," HEY MAN "&" The best of Mr.Big "(1996)," Hard Rock Cafe "," Live At Budokan "& solo" King of Club "(1997) The song" To Be With You "(from album" Lean Into It ") occupy the first position in the magazine Billborad USA for 3 weeks.

In 1998 Paul's first appearance in Japan with a solo album. Paul launched a solo album "Flying Dog". In 1999 Paul returned to Japan and launched his second solo album "Beehive Live" and the third album Racer X "Technical Difficulties". In 2003 Burning Organ album was released, this time go into the labels Indonesia under the auspices of Staria Enterprise. But the next album, Acoustic Samurai no longer in Staria, but moved to Variant Music label. Then Paul held a promo tour of the album "Spaceship One" down to Indonesia. This was greeted enthusiastically by fans-fans, the article of many American artists who withdrew because of fear disweeping by certain parties.

Paul Gilbert is one of the guitar gods like Steve Vai, Yngwie, John Petrucci other. Paul previously known through his band Mr.Big group, which sells recordings Mr.Big helped raise Paul's name in the world of rock music.

Paul himself had enough of the world mengegerkan 86-87 as guitarist in the world's fastest guitar player when Paul was with the group band Racer X. The technique has a perfect game when he just turned 17 that year.

Biodata / Profiles Paul Gilbert
Full Name: Paul Brandon Gilbert
Official Website:
Place / Date of Birth: 6 November 1966 in Carbondale, Illinois - USA.
Group Current Band: Racer X
Group Band Previous: Racer X, Mr.Big
Influences: Eddie Van Halen
Education: Graduates GIT (Guitar Institute Of Technology) and GIT instructor.
Guitar: Ibanez Paul Gilbert Model (PGM) Signature Series
Expertise: Alternate Picking, String Skipping, Arpeggio, etc..

Solo albums:
* Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (EP) (1991)
* King of Clubs (1998)
* Flying Dog (1999)
* Beehive Live (1999)
* Alligator Farm (2000)
* Raw Blues Power With Jimi Kidd (2002)
* Burning Organ (2002)
* Paul the Young Dude / The Best of Paul Gilbert (2003)
* Gilbert Hotel (2003)
* Acoustic Samurai (2003)
* Space Ship One (2005)
* Get Out of My Yard (2006)
* Tough Eskimo (limited edition EP) (2007)
* Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar (2008)
* With Freddie Nelson United States (2009)
* Fuzz Universe (2010)

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