Biography of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit - Fahrenheit Tempratur Inventor

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was born May 24, 1686 was a German physicist. Fahrenheit was born in Danzig, Poland, as the eldest of five children. His father is a merchant who brought his family moved to live several Hanseatic cities in Europe to pursue wealth. Both parents Fahrenheit suddenly died from eating poisonous mushrooms when he was 16 years old. Since then, he left his education and worked at a trading company in Amsterdam. In her spare time, Fahrenheit continued to experiment. His work brings Fahrenheit around Europe and became acquainted with prominent figures such as Gottfried Leibenz academic and Christian Wolff. In 1718, he quit his job and teaching in Amsterdam. He found the first scheme in 1724 Fahrenheit.

in 1720, after conducting various studies. He found that the unemployment of mercury in the manufacture of equipment will ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement. The degree of temperature used in the thermometer is then named "Fahrenheit", according to the name of his invention. Fahrenheit died in 1736.

There is some debate about how to think Fahrenheit temperature scale. Some claimed bahawa determine the point of zero Fahrenheit (0 degrees Fahrenheit) and 100 degrees F on the temperature scale by recording the lowest temperature outside temperature can be measured and badanya own. Beyond the lowest temperature he made zero point measured during the winter of 1708 by the year 1709 in his hometown, Gdansk (Danzig) (-17.8 degrees Celsius).

Fahrenheit wanted to avoid the negative temperatures which Ole Ramer scale often exhibit a negative temperature in everyday use. Fahrenheit, decided that the body temperature of 100 degrees F. dalah Normal body temperature is approximately 98.6 degrees F, mean Fahrenheit when it was a fever when the experimenter or the thermometer is not accurate.

There is also a state that determines the point of zero Fahrenheit (0 degrees F) on the scale as the temperature where the same mixture of ice and salt melt temperature of 96 degrees as his blood (he initially used horse blood to the scale). The scale consists of 12 divisions, but later he divided each division into 8 equal subdivisions, and produces a rich scale of 96 degrees. He discovered that water (without any mixture) will freeze at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees.

The third opinion is the best known stories, such as those depicted in popular television series The Mechanical Universe physics.
Serial states that adopt the Fahrenheit scale Ramer which water freezes at 7.5 degrees and multiplying each value by 4 to mengeliminsai pacahan as well as improving the granularity of the scale (yield 30 and 240 degrees).

Then, he re-determine the scale between the freezing point of water and normal human body temperature (he took 96 degrees); the freezing point of water was 32 degrees so that there are 64 intervals would separate the two so that he can mark degree lines on his tool to split the interval of two times. Measurement is not entirely accurate. By using a scale originally, the freezing point and boiling point of water will be different sebernarnya 32 degrees F and 212 degrees F.

Some time after the death of Fahrenheit, it was decided to recalibrate the scale with 32 degrees F and 212 degrees F as the freezing and boiling points of plain water. These changes facilitate the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa by using a simple formula. This change also explains why the body temperature once set 96 or 100 degrees F by Fahrenheit is now 98.6 degrees F is determined by many, although the value of 98 degrees F would be more accurate.

The fourth story is a story that is little known about the origin of the Fahrenheit scale. Told that his own Fahrenheit scale is determined that a member of the fraternal organization of Freemasonry. In the stretcher organization, there are 32 levels of illumination, 32 being the highest. The use of the word degree (degree or level) itself is said to be taken from the levels in the organization. This may be divulging a coincidence, but there is no evidence to show the truth of it.

The fifth version relates that determines 0 degrees Fahrenheit on the temperature of frozen humans would die from the cold temperatures of 100 degrees is a human being will die because of heat. For that reason, 0 to 100 indicate about human beings can live. Meanwhile, the sixth version relates that Fahrenheit marks the freezing point of water, normal human body temperature, and the boiling point of water. He then divides the range between the freezing point of water and the boiling point of water to 180 degrees. Set the normal human body temperature as 100 degrees to make the FP and BP to 32 and 212, respectively. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit died 16 September 1736 at age 50.

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