Biography of Michael Jordan

Biography of Michael Jordan
Full Name: Michael Jordan
Date of Birth: February 17, 1963
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died: N / A
Place of Death: N / A
Classification: Heroes & Icons

Basketball may have been in his genes, but Michael Jordan had to work hard to develop its full potential. Deducted from the university basketball team in his first year in high school may be
encouraged him to become the best basketball player in the history of the world.

In the days of his high school, Michael played three sports: American football, basketball, and baseball. He always liked the other two sports with a passion, especially baseball. It is basketball, however, which would make it a world-renowned athlete. As a senior, he became nationally recognized and was on his way to a promising college career with the University of North Carolina. While playing there, he hit the game-winning shot against Georgetown University for the NCAA Basketball Championship over the last 1982 seconds. Before drafted into the NBA by the Chicago Bulls, he was elected as the School Naismith Player of the Year Award. Even after entering the NBA, Jordan went on to complete a degree in Geography.

Jordan, most AOS basketball and athletics so many awards. In his NBA career, he was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for playing the first year and then became the name of the NBA, AOS Most Valuable Player (MVP) a record five times, winning six NBA Championships. However, he is also one of the league, AOS's most valuable defensive threat as well, winning the Defensive Player of the Year in 1988. In every NBA All-Star game, Jordan has become the most dominant threat, the Triple Crown winning the MVP award not less than two times.

After a broken bone in his foot in the third season of his career, Jordan worked at rehabilitating himself even more. He swam and shot free throws and another shot to keep the game in the rhythm. When he re-joined the team and the league, he is the powerhouse of the NBA, averaging nearly 40 points per game. But, even with a performance like that, Jordan was still hadn, AOT earn NBA Championship Title.

Then in 1991, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their first championship by defeating Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the following season, the Bulls won nearly 70 games in a season, set a new record. The following year saw them win again, Jordan became the only player ever to win three consecutive NBA Finals MVP award.

In 1993, pressure from the celebrity game and career to take a toll and he decided to retire. But, after briefly playing professional baseball, he returned to the Chicago Bulls two years later, where he became the league, AOS, the dominant power again. After the first three NBA championships in a row, the Bulls went again to win three consecutive titles. After retiring again, Jordan became part-owner of the Washington Wizards, and then returned to play with them for the other seasons. Once, he retired once again, this time for good, because it has most of the Charlotte Bobcats and manage.

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