Biography of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a legendary fighter in the world of international boxing. Full of colorful, talented and sometimes controversial. Ali entertain the fans and intimidate his opponents. Boxing style graceful but full power. He calls himself "the greatest".

Born in Lousville Kentucky United States January 17, 1942, the original name of Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.. In the public knew the name Muhammad Ali after becoming a Muslim. He began his career in boxing since the age of 12. He posted a record of 108 wins and 8 losses in the amateur boxing match. Peak in the world of amateur boxing career in ukirnya when won gold medals at the Olympic heavyweight Rima Italy in 1960.

Muhammad Ali returned from the Olympics immediately plunge the world of professional boxing. He won victory after victory at the start of his career and earned the nickname of Louisville Lip and Mighty Mouth. In 1964, Ali has recorded 19 victories and challenging times world champion Sonny Liston. In a dramatic match, Liston was unable to move from his corner in round 7.

Ali embraced Islam in 1964 and joined the Nation of Islam organization and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. In 1967 he was diving revans match against Liston, but Ali won the fight again. He also had to beat former champion Floyd Petterson and defended the title five times until 1967.

Ali got a lot of criticism when it refused compulsory military service in the Vietnam war. He's become one of the anti-war and anti-conscription of the most famous in America, but its popularity as a boxer fails because of its defiance. He even sanctioned match ban in the United States in early 1967 and put the heavyweight world title.

Late 1970 Ali returned to the ring to challenge the world champion Joe Frazier., But Ali defeated in round 15. Ali and Joe Frazier before re-challenging challenged George Foreman in January 1974 at Madison Square Garden New York. At that time the title on hold after defeating George Foreman Joe Frazier. Ali dimenagkan battle with Absolute figures. The next challenge Ali Foreman, held in Kinshasa Zaire (Congo). The fight marred intrigue and admirable strategy. In the initial round bombarded Ali Foreman punch, but after Foreman fatigue, Ali went on the offensive all-out so that eventually the eighth round knockout.

After defending cup three times, Ali says ready to fight back against Frazier in Manila Filipinos. In front of 28,000 boxing fans and 700 million television viewers, Ali beat Frazier in a brutal fight, dubbed "the sensation of Manila". The fight was confirmed both as the most formidable fighter in the world. Ali defended his title six times between 1976 and 1978. He lost the title after losing to Leon Spinks in Las Vegas Nevada. But in that year he again defeated Spinks in a fight over 15 rounds. Ali retired in 1979 but tried to come back in 1980 challenging Lary Holmes. He lost to Holmes and is still one more fight against Trevor Berbick in 1981.

But Ali remains in memory as one of the most famous athlete in the world. Professional boxing record of 56 wins, 37 knockouts and 5 losses. After his retirement, Ali devoted himself to charity, humanity and preaching throughout the world.

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