Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. President of the United States to 38

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. is President of the United States to-38 (1974-1977) and Vice President of the United States the 40th (1973-1974). His first name Leslie Lynch King, Jr., was born in Omaha, Nebraska, July 14, 1913 - died in Rancho Mirage, California, December 26, 2006 at age 93 years) He succeeded President Nixon who resigned because of Watergate. Ford was the first vice president under Amendment 25. Gerald Ford came from Republicans. Because previously he was vice president, then there is no vice president in the period of his presidency. He was then accompanied by Nelson Rockefeller as vice president.

At the age of two years of Gerald Ford's parents divorced and her mother remarried to Gerald R. Ford in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was later appointed as the legitimate child by his stepfather and he used the name of his father who baru.Gerald be a football star in high school / middle school and has several times led his team to win.

At the University of Michigan he was named the best player of his team in 1934. He declined the offer to become a professional soccer player and continued his education at Yale Law School by working as an assistant football coach and boxing coach while continuing their school. In 1934 he graduated as third-class champion. He then worked as a lawyer in Grand Rapids, but not long after the United States involved in World War II, he joined the Navy and served in the Pacific for 47 months.

In 1946 he left the Navy with his last position as a Lieutenant Commander. He returned to Grand Rapids as a lawyer and has won several awards from the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) for his service to the community. In 1948 he was elected as a member of Congress for five areas of Michigan. He survived for 25 years as a representative from Michigan in Congress. For eight years he also served as Republican leader in Congress of the United States.

On the assassination of President Kennedy he was a member of the Warren Commission that investigated about the killing. He along with other authors to write books about komisi.Sebagai reports from members of Congress, he was regarded as conservative. Friend of his friends knew him as a persistent, earnest, and not berlebihan.Pada October 12, 1973 Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resigned from office, President Nixon chose Ford instead. On 27 November the United States Senate approved the appointment with 92 votes opposed to three. On and the Congress on December 6, 1973 Congress voted 387 versus 35 and Ford agree sworn in as Vice President on the day equally.

As vice president of Ford's extremely loyal to President Nixon. But the Watergate scandal is very burdensome position and attitude to take. President Nixon has clearly abused his power to cover up crimes committed by his subordinates. President Nixon later resigned as president on August 8, and Ford took the oath of office the next day, became President of the United States 38.

President Gerald Ford came to power with the support of the majority of the American public, media, and politicians from both parties. After one month rule, he decided to pardon former President Nixon. As president, Gerald Ford's biggest challenge is the decline of the American economy bunch. Ford administration fought repeatedly with Congress to cut taxes, federal spending, and energy policy. While the economy has started to improve in 1976, which began to enter the presidential election for the next.

Step Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential election turned out to be very difficult. Ronald Reagan, the conservative wing of the Republican leader, Ford fought for throughout the season to win the Republican presidential nomination. Once able to survive the next challenge from Democrat Jimmy Carter who brought Georgia in the general election. Ford can not compete in the next presidential election in November 1976. After pensiuan of the presidency, Gerald and Betty Ford left the White House and settled in California. He remained active in political life, after battling his own problems with alcohol and pain medications, Gerald Ford died on December 26, 2006, at his home in Rancho Mirage, California.

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