March Boedihardjo Biography - Genius of the youngest students in 9-year-old Hong Kong from Indonesia

March Boedihardjo, one of many young achievers Indonesia of Chinese descent born in 1998 in Hong Kong. March Boediharjo Indonesia and his family are living in Hong Kong. And when the year 2005, March and his family emigrated to the United Kingdom, when his older brother, Horatio Boediharjo who was then aged 14 years on a scholarship at Oxford University, the PhD program, and make it become one of the youngest students at the university.

Both of these are offspring Boediharjo menunujukantalenta more in the field of mathematics, his father had been since childhood mathematics to introduce his two children, even when eating whatever they are talking about is a matter of mathematics. March completed his secondary school in England when he and his family to accompany her sister to study in Britain. Remarkably, he entered the accelerated classes, so it only took two years of education was high school. The result, he got two A's in math and B for statistics.

He also managed to penetrate the Advanced Extension Awards (AEA), a test which can be followed only ten percent of students who ranked top A-level. He graduated with honors satisfactory. In the history of the AEA, AEA only a quarter of participants who can receive such status. He also received eight GCSEs at the same time as when he follows the A-level exams in England. After that, he enrolled in Baptist Hong Kong (HKBU), March in fact been applied to several other universities in Hong Kong.

Among them is the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. But, unfortunately, the universities were not given an answer, I'm the father March. Actually, following the March to 14-year-old brother who continued his education at Oxford University in England, but unfortunately their families do not have enough money, waluapun father is a businessman as the cost of living in the UK is very expensive and finally March and his parents had to go back to Hong Kong again to leave his brother who was studying in Oxford.

He listed himself as the youngest student at the Baptist University of Hong Kong (HKBU). In his first years he was criticized that the lessons are too easy. He was a B + and A-in almost all mathematics exams that make it into the Dean's list, the award for students who have a GPA of 3:00 to 3:49 with no value below C. March also will have a bachelor's of science philosophy of mathematics as well as master mathematics.

Because of its merits, the college is preparing for her special curriculum for a period of five years of the completion in 2010. He also criticized that he did not have a good impression on fellow college.

"They do not give a response (in the lecture hall). They just listened and did not interact with each other," he said.

The boy told his counterpart in the previous school "wants to play", not like a college student.

When asked about how to adapt to the environment and new people, March showed that he was never worried about dealing with classmates who are older. "When I was at Oxford, all my classmates were over 18 years and we often discussed mathematics problems ,'' the story.

A BBC correspondent in Hong Kong, England Vaudine mewawancarinya been a while and he said that the March Tian Boedihardjo no different from other boys aged 9 years, he still has the typical antics of children and March also claimed that in addition he was like eating and learn all of his math book, he was also very happy to play chess, monopoly, and lego.

The lesson we can take

I always thought that math was difficult probably as well as with you, I often get a value below 7 on my math test, but after I read the story of a Tian Boediahrjo, there is no term suppose we might want to try and continue to focus it's true. Maybe this time I was not trying hard enough and focus so much a failure to me. But I will try to succeed and establish yourself of all the failures I've ever experienced. Because "I can" and "we can". Let us perform for it the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

"When we think that math is difficult and many people give up if it can not find a way to solve a problem, the son of Indonesia genius is just not thinking like that, he always thinks that mathematics is an exciting challenge to be solved for him."

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