Siti Khadijah Biography

Life and marriage to Siti Khadijah Muhammad Bin Abdullah

Siti Khadijah was the daughter of As'ad bin Khuwailid bin Abdul Uzza bin Qushai Kilab bin al-al-Asadiyah Qurasyiyah. Siti Khadijah was born in a noble and honorable house, in the year 68 before Hijra. Khadija grew up in a noble family, and finally as an adult she became a woman is smart, strong, noble, and mannered. That's why many men of his kind who sympathized with him. Shaykh Muhammad Husain explained that Siti Khadijah Salamah, nasab of her father track meet with the Prophet on his grandfather nasab named Qusayy. He ranks fourth for his grandfather.

In the year 575 AD, Siti Khadijah left his mother. Ten years later his father, Khuwailid, followed. After the death of both parents, Khadija and his brothers inherited a fortune. Save the rich heritage of danger. He can make a person more excited to stay at home and riotous living. Khadijah was very aware of the danger. He also decided not to make himself unemployed. Intelligence and strength of the attitude of Khadijah owned property is able to overcome temptation. Therefore, Khadijah took over the family business.

Initially, Siti Khadijah married to Abu Halah ibn Zurarah at-Tamimi. The marriage produced two children named Halah and Hind. Soon suamianya died, leaving a lot of wealth, is also an extensive trade network and developed. Then Siti Khadijah married again to a second with Atiq bin 'Abdullah bin al-A'id Makhzumi. After running some time the marriage, her second husband was finally passed away, who also left the property and commerce.

Thus, it was Siti Khadijah became the richest woman in the nation among the Quraish. Hence, many princes and nobles of the Quraish who proposed to her, they wanted to make her as a wife. However, Siti Khadijah rejected their application on the grounds that Khadijah's attention when it was directed only to educate their children. Also possible because, Khadija was a wealthy merchant and respected that he was very busy taking care of commerce.

Siti Khadijah had a cousin named Waraqa bin Nawfal. He was one of hanif at Mecca. He is the oldest relatives Khadijah. He condemns the worship of the Arabs and to deviate from their ancestral beliefs (Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail).

His colleagues acknowledge the success of Siti Khadijah, when they called her "Queen of the Quraysh" and "Queen of Mecca". He also referred to as at-Thahirah, which is "clean and pure." At-Thahirah name was given by fellow Arabs who are also famous for its pride, arrogance, and pride as a man. Thus the behavior of Khadijah truly exemplary until he became famous among them.

First time in the history of the Arab nation, a woman was given the call has been nicknamed the Queen of Mecca and at-Thahirah. People called Khadija with his riches and Queen Mecca called Khadijah with at-Thahirah because of his reputation is flawless.

One time, Muhammad's work manages merchandise for sale to Siti Khadijah shared Maisyarah Sham. On arrival of the trade Maysarah tells about his journey, about the benefits, and also about the character and personality of Muhammad. After hearing and seeing a sweet temperament, noble character, honesty, and capabilities of Muhammad, the more days the more admired figure Khadijah Muhammad. In addition to admiration, appear also the feelings of love Khadijah to Muhammad.

Came the sacred day. Then the dowry 20 young camels, Muhammad married to Siti Khadijah in 595 AD. The wedding took place is represented by Khadijah's uncle, 'Amr ibn Asad. Meanwhile, from the family represented by Mohammad Abu Talib and Hamzah. When married, 25-year-old Muhammad, while Siti Khadijah was 40 years old. For both, the age difference is pretty much adrift and disproportionate wealth between them, it does not matter, because they get married based on a sincere love and devotion to God. And, through marriage is also God has granted blessing and glory to them.

Of marriage, God gave them a couple of kids, then Siti Khadijah was born from the womb of six children, descendants of Muhammad. The children consisted of two men and four women. Their son, al-Qasim and Abdullah at-Tahir and at-Tayyib died as a baby. Then, four daughters were Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kulsum, and Fatimah az-Zahra. Siti Khadijah nurture and guide their children with a wise, gentle, and affectionate, so they were very loyal and respectful to his mother.

Siti Khadijah and Muhammad's Prophethood

One day, Khadijah get her husband home in a state of trembling. Radiated from his face worries and fears are very large.

"Blanket to me! ...., Cover me! ...," Exclaimed the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam told his wife. In order to see that such a condition, not make Khodijah into a panic. Then covered and tried to soothe his feelings. The apostle was immediately told his wife, now without realizing it, she knew that her husband is the messenger of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala.

With a calm and gentle, Khadijah said: "O son of my uncle, by Allah, he will not menghinakanmu forever. For verily thou among those who always connect kinship, speak the truth, faithful to bear the burden, respect and love to help others ". Said the sweet words of his wife makes him more confident and calm. Khadijah, ... akhlaqmu truly noble.

Beginning of the beginning of Islam, Khadija was not a bit role. He faithfully accompanied her husband in conveying the Proceedings carried with him from Rabb Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. The first woman who believes in Allah as the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam took the road to his Rabb. He who helped the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in flying the flag of Islam. with the Prophet as the first batch. With gusto, Khadijah also strive and struggle, sacrifice property, life, and ignorance dare oppose his people.

Khadijah is always a reassuring and comforting when his people reject the Apostle brought the treatise. A key driver for the Apostle to Da'wah always enterprising, energetic and not give up. He was also always trying to lighten the heavy burden on the shoulders of the Apostle. Consider the Apostle praises of Khadijah:
"She (Khadijah) believed me when people deny. He membenarkanku when the deniers. And he helped me with his wealth when people would not. " (Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Al-Abd Isti'ab Ba'ar)

Policies, fidelity and various goodness Khadijah memory can never be separated from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Even until Khadija died. He was truly a wife who gets its own place in the heart of the Prophet shallallalhu 'alaihi wa sallam. How much love he told Khadijah, we can see from the words' Aisha. "I've never been jealous of the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as jealousy on Khadijah, and I have never seen it. But the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam always mention his name, sometimes even a goat slaughtered and distributed to friends of Khadija. I've even scolded, as if no woman in the world except Khadijah and the Prophet said some goodness Khadijah, his first this way and that, in addition to that, I got the kids from it. "

The death of Siti Khadijah

After the end of the Quraysh boycott against the Muslims, Siti Khadijah ill due to several years of suffering from hunger and thirst. Every day his health condition worsened. In the not too long illness, aged 60 years, wafatlah a holy Mujahidah patient and steadfast faith, Lady Siti Khadijah bint al-Kubra Khuwailid.

Siti Khadijah died at the age of 65 years on the 10th of Ramadan-10 prophetic years, or three years before moving to Medina, or 619 AD. Ketia, the Prophet about 50 years of age. He was buried in the highlands of Mecca, known as al-Hajun.

Therefore, the events of the death of Siti Khadijah very piercing the soul of the Prophet. What a sad and bitter feelings of the Prophet at the time. Because two people who loved (Khadijah and Abu Talib) has died, the year is referred to as' Aamul Huzni (in grief) in the life of the Prophet.

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