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Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani or commonly known as Dika Raditya is a writer from Indonesia. In Indonesia, Raditya Dika known as the author of humorous books. The man who is familiarly called Radith born in Jakarta, December 28, 1984 started his career as a writer through his personal blog (which is now a www.radityadika.com www.kambingjantan.com) which is then recorded. The first book to lift himself entitled Goat: A Diary of Stupid Students (2005) in the category best seller.

The book that tells the life Dikung (Raditya Dika) while in college in Australia, his stories as a college student in Indonesia abroad. The book is classified as a new genre. When he released his first book, it's not a lot that goes into the world of comedy writing. Moreover, a personal diary style (personal essay). His second book titled Love Brontosaurus, published in 2006. The second book of short stories inimenggunakan format (short story) which tells about the experience of love Radithyang always seems to have no luck. A third book entitled Radikus Makankakus: No Ordinary Animals issued on August 29, 2007.

The third book tells Radith Monas once a clown in a day, teaching and tutoring, and when Radith mistaken for a ghost watchman WC, until the story about the curse of the NTB.

Meanwhile, his fourth book entitled Pigs ngesot: Come Not Invited to Return Not Berkutang published in April 2008. Travel and the desire to start thinking Radith diary posted on his personal blog when he won the Indonesian Blog Award.

Radith also won awards TheOnline titled Inspiring Award 2009 from Indosat. From that experience, he printed (print out) of his writings on the blog and then he offered the manuscript to several publishers that mold to be printed as a book. At first many refused, but later when he was to Gagasmedia, a book publisher, the manuscript is accepted, even at first presentation. Radit went on to become a writer because he was out of the mainstream (mainstream). He appeared with a fresh new genre. Which makes it different from other authors is the idea that animal names are always he used in his book setap. From the first book until recently, all the title contains the name of the beast.

For Radith, this is a selling point. For Radith, as the authors still have to have innovation. Actually, in the first months, his first book did not sell well too. This, according to Radith, the risks included in the new genre. Radith then

aggressively promote the blog that he managed. He was also vigorous promotion by word of mouth (word of mouth). Radith asked readers to take pictures with his first book was then sent to Radith.

Be it a marketing strategy that can manage the readers as the target market. According Radith, in writing, not necessarily after the book appeared, completed affair. Then, marketing diserahkankepada publishers. Instead, the authors should also be the marketer for his own books as well sebenarnyapenulis artists. Creative writers who will make his book as a baginyaharus product can be sold in the market. Although basically the book is not a commercial item, but look at the book as a marketed product knowledge who bullet is a thing to do at this time.

Being a successful writer does not mean there are no barriers. According Radith, barriers bukanhanya of the book industry, but also from things that are diagonal. That is, the opponent dariindustri book may not be another book industry but other industries that are not related at all as entertainment (entertainment), food, and others. For example, when a young child has a 50,000 rupiah currency, it would not necessarily spend it on books. It may be that the money was used to watch movies in theaters or buy fast food. And certainly, the book is not the primary choice.

For Radith this is already common. All you need do is continue to create and be creative. For him, there is the key to innovation. Pressure of competition can be a motivation to continue to provide new ideas and digging ability. Radith is now continuing his studies at Faculty of Social Sciences program extensions and Politikdi University of Indonesia. In addition, he is now a career in book publishing Bukune. Radith acting as a director as well as director and editor in chief.


2005 – Kambing Jantan : Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh
2006 – Cinta Brontosaurus
2007 – Radikus Makankakus : Bukan Binatang Biasa
2008 – Babi Ngesot
2010 – Marmut Merah Jambu
2011 – Manusia Setengah Salmon

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