Thomas Jefferson President of the United States is the third

Thomas Jefferson
In Shadwell, Virginia, 13 April 1743
In Charlottesville, Virginia, July 4, 1826 in (age 83 years)

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States with the term of office from 1801 until 1809. He is also a Founder's Declaration of Independence (1776) and the founding fathers of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Gloochland (now Albemarle), Virginia, USA on 13 April 1743. Son of Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson, a partner family. His father, Peter, died when he was 14 years old and inherit the land area of ​​2.750 acres and a slave.

In the year 1760 until the year 1762 study at the Jefferson College of William and Mary and learn the culture and literature of classical Greek and Latin, he also studied violin. Thomas Jefferson was a political philosopher who heavily favor the freedom of liberal ideology (liberalism), schools of the republic, and the separation between state and religion. Thomas Jefferson, too, who make the decentralization of government in the United States. In 1770 he began building his mountain plateau area in Monticello and in 1772 he married Martha Wayles Skelton, a wealthy widow, and took him to live with at home, which has not been completed. His wife died in 1782 when Jefferson served as the back part of the U.S. congressional delegation. At the age of 33 years as a member of the Continental Congress, the Congress-13 in the American colonies declared independence from England, Thomas Jefferson set the Declaration of Independence. In a short article, he reveals the philosophy of the revolution, and became known as the Charter of Rights Azazi Manusia.Pasal among other sounds.

"We stick to the principle that all men are created equal, and that man is endowed by the creator with some rights that should not be contested, including the Right to Life, Right to Free, and the right to pursue happiness. To ensure all rights, the rule established among men, obtain the legal authority for approval of those who governed. And if some form of government as an obstacle to the rights above, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish that government, and form a new government "

Before becoming president, Thomas Jefferson also had to be, among other
Members of the House of Representatives State of Virginia (1776-79)
Virginia Governor Patrick Henry's successor in 1779, and was re-elected in 1780 but resigned in 1781 due to attack British troops in Virginia. At this tenure he wrote the statute on religious freedom (The Statute of Religious Freedom)
American ambassador to France (1785-89)
Secretary of State under President George Washington in 1789.
At the election in 1796, when aged 53 years, Thomas Jefferson became the presidential candidate for the Democratic-Republican party but he was defeated by his opponent, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson was chosen to be vice president under John Adams.Empat years later, in 1800, he became a candidate again. He and Aaron Burr have the same number of votes for the electoral votes (Electoral Votes), therefore, in accordance with the Constitution, the decision left to the House of Representatives, which selected Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson twice in succession to the President, from 1801 until 1809. While serving as president of Jefferson, accompanied by Aaron Burr and George Clinton as vice president.

Jefferson was a supporter of a strong voice for mempeluas region to the west. Other services are well known is the purchase of Louisiana from France in 1803. At that time French colony in North America 'bought'. The purchase was made within the United States who are young to be more than twice the breadth. History proves that the price paid, which is 15 million dollars, it is very cheap. This expansion continued with Louis and Clark expedition. In 1809 Thomas Jefferson left the White House. Jefferson retired to Monticello to reflect the magnitude of the project as a preliminary design of the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826.

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