Martin Van Buren (president of the United States to 8)

Martin Van Buren was born in Decatur, Alabama, December 5, 1782 - died in Kinderhook, New York, July 24, 1862 at age 79 years), nicknamed Old Kinderhook is the President of the United States to-8 (1837-1841). Previously, he was Vice President (1833-1837) and secretary of state under President Andrew Jackson. He became the first American president to the United States independence. Martin Van Buren Dutch descent, his father was a farmer and has a shop. At age 14 he went to the city of New York and worked as a clerk, and at the same time he studied law. At age 21, he received permission to open a law practice. Martin Van Buren is known as a clever, honest, and loved by people banyak.Kualitas - these qualities make him a successful politician.

He rarely let politics interfere with personal friendships dispute. Besides, he always takes the path-Tengan, where he was willing to compromise, and let the people get what they want. Martin Van Buren quickly became popular in the world of politics in New York. In 1812, when he was 30 years old, he was elected to the state senate, and four years later he became Attorney General of New York. In 1821, he was elected United States Senator, and was reelected in 1827. But next year, he resigned from the post of senator to become governor of New York. In 1829, he resigned to become Governor Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson.

In 1831 he resigned to become Governor of the American ambassador to Britain, but his appointment was rejected by the senate. In 1833 he was elected Vice President of the United States, accompanying President Andrew Jackso. On March 4, 1837 Martin Van Buren was elected President of the United States-8. It stems from the Democrat party and was accompanied by Vice President Richard Mentor Johnson. In the early months of Martin Van Buren became President, the United States experienced economic panic.

Hundreds of banks and companies fall, thousands of people lost their land, and for five years the United States experienced the worst depression era. President Van Buren effort to curb inflation was only deepen and prolong the economic depression. President Van Buren said that the economic panic was caused by the actions - actions daredevil companies - companies and credit too much, he devoted all his energies to the effort to maintain the financial health of the government. He opposed; formation of the American Bank Center, the deposit of state money in the bank - a bank owned by the state - the state, and oppose improvements in the country with the cost of government. He struggled to establish a financial institution of an independent state in the care of government transactions.

In 1841, President Martin Van Buren sought to be re-elected as President, but he lost his voice very much. Four years later he again volunteered to be president again and again defeated. In 1862 Martin Van Buren died at the age of 80 years in New York.

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