William Henry Harrison (President of the United States to 9)

William Henry Harrison was born in Charles City County, Colony of Virginia, February 9, 1773 - died in Washington, DC, 4 April 1841 at the age of 68 years. He is the head of the U.S. military, politicians, and President of the United States-9. He was inaugurated on March 4 and died 31 days after the inauguration. William H. Harrison was the first president of the United States who died while still occupying the post of president. He was the son of one of the leader of the United States, Benjamin Harrison V and Elizabeth Basset.

His father was one who signed the Declaration of Independence. His grandson later became President of the United States-23, Benjamin Harrison. William Harrison initially followed the medical education at Pennsylvania University, but quit after his father died. He then went into the army where he served for 7 years. In 1812 when the American war against England, at that time held the rank of Brigadier General William Harrison, and defeated the combined British and Indian troops in the northwestern United Serikat.Kemenangan this directly to stop the threat of British invasion in the future to the region and make his name famous. After resigning from his military career, William Harrison returned to normal life and try to open some companies, but companies are failing. Later he was elected to the United States House of Representatives and became successively governor, then senator. In 1828 William Harrison was appointed U.S. ambassador to Colombia for a year. He then summoned home because of insulting the President of Colombia. In 1836 he was elected president of the Whig Party candidate emerging.

In the presidential election he was defeated by Martin Van Buren who later became president of the American-8. On March 4, 1841 William Harrison managed to be elected President of the United States-9, accompanied by Vice President John Tyler, and occupied the presidency for 31 days. On 4 April 1841, President William Harrison died of pneumonia disease who gets to be standing in the rain when inaugurated as president.

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