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Ahmad bin Hanbal


Demanding the beginning of Sciences

Science is the first controlled until he memorized the Qur'an at the age of 15, he was also adept at reading and writing to perfection to be known as the most beautiful writings. Then, he began studying the science of hadith concentration in the early age of 15 that year. He has studied the Hadith as a child and to learn of this hadeeth he never moved or migrated to Shaam (Syrians), Hijaz, Yemen and other countries so that it eventually became prominent scholars are righteous, pious, and ascetic. Abu Zur'ah says that his book that as many as 12 pieces are memorized by rote. He memorized a million hadiths up. Imam Shafi'i Imam Ahmad said the neighbor himself as follows:

"After I get out of Baghdad, no one I left in there that is more admirable, more pious and more knowledgeable than Ahmad ibn Hambal"
Abdur Rozzaq Bin Hammam is also a teacher he once said,
"I've never seen anyone as a jurist and wara 'Ahmad bin Hanbal.

The physical state

Muhammad ibn 'Abbas told An-Nahwi, I never saw Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, his body was not too high nor too short, handsome face, his beard is still there in the dark. He was dressed like a thick, white and turban and wearing a cloth. Another said, "His skin was brown in color (dark brown)"


He married at age 40 years and get a blessing in abundance. She gave birth of his wives who worships children, who inherited his knowledge, such as Abdullah and Salih. In fact, both are very much knowledge of the father narrated.


His son is named Salih said, My father once told me, "Husyaim died when I was twenty years old, at that time I've memorized what I heard from him". Abdullah, another son who said, My father once told me, "Take the book mushannaf Waki ​​'anywhere you want, and ask that you want to tell you about later matan sanadnya, or vice versa, you asked about sanadnya matannya tell you later".
Abu Zur'ah was once asked, "O Abu Zur'ah, who is more powerful on occasion? You or Imam Ahmad bin Hambal? "He replied," Ahmad ". He was asked, "How do you know?" He replied, "I have found on the front of his book is not listed the names of the narrators, because he memorized the names of the narrators, while I was not able to do so". Abu Zur'ah said, "Imam Ahmad bin Hambal memorized a million hadiths".

Scholars praise

Abu Ja'far said, "Ahmad bin Hambal a very shy man, very noble and very good interaction and adabnya, many think, not heard from him except mudzakarah hadith and called righteous people with respect and quiet and with wonderful expression. When met with a man, then he was very cheerful and confront her face to him. He was very humble towards his teachers and his honor ". Imam ash-Shafi'i said, "Imam Ahmad bin Hambal in eight cases, the Imam in the hadith, Imam in Fiqh, Imam in the language, the Qur'an Imam, Imam in kefaqiran, in asceticism Imam, Imam in the wara 'and Imam in the Sunnah ". Ibrahim Al Harbi praised him, "I saw Ahmad ibn Abu Abdillah Hambal combine her knowledge of God as those who passed away recently and people from different disciplines".

He wore a sewn cap itself. And sometimes he came out into the workplace to bring an ax to work with his hands. Sometimes he went to the shop to buy a bundle of firewood and other goods and brings with her own hands. Al Maimuni once said, "The House of Abu Ahmad bin Abdillah Hambal narrow and small".

Wara 'and maintain self-esteem

Abu Isma'il al-Tirmidhi said, "Come one man took the money as much as ten thousand (dirhams) for him, but he refused". Others say, "There is someone to give five hundred dinars to Imam Ahmad, but he would not accept it". There had also gave three thousand dinars, but he also would not accept it.

Tawadhu 'with kindness

Yahya bin Ma'in said: "I have never seen anyone like Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, I made friends with him for fifty years and never see him any good at all proud of him to us". He (Imam Ahmad) said, "I want to hide in the valley of Makkah to me unknown, I tested it with the popularity of". Al Marrudzi said, "I have never seen poor people in a majlis the more glorious than in the majlis of Imam Ahmad, his attention to the indigent and less attention to the experts of the world (the rich), he wisely and do not rush to the indigent . He was very humble, very high and very memuka calm charisma ". He never surly because someone complimented her by saying, "May Allah reward you with goodness for your services to Islam?" He said, "Do not be so but let's say, may Allah repay against Islam for his services to me, who I am and what (services) I? "

Patient in their studies

When he came home from Abdurrazzaq residing in Yemen, there is someone who saw him in Makkah in a state of exhausted and tired. Then he started talking, then Imam Ahmad said, "It's lighter than I get from faidah Abdirrazzak".

Be careful in fatwa

Zakariya Yahya bin once asked him, "How many hadith which must be mastered by anyone to be a mufti? Is quite a hundred thousand hadiths? He replied, "Not enough". Until finally he said, "Is quite five hundred thousand hadiths?" He said. "I hope so".

 aqidahnya alignment as a standard of truth

Ahmad bin Ibrahim Ad-Dauruqi said, "Who do you know Imam Ahmad then ragukanlah denounced his religion". Sufyan ibn Waki ​​'also said, "Ahmad is on our side of the ordeal, he denounced whoever he is wicked".

Defamation period

Understanding Jahmiyyah not dare openly during the caliphate of Al Mahdi, Ar-Rashid and Al Amin, Al-Rashid had even threatened to kill bin Bishr Al Marisi Ghiyats who say that the Qur'an is a creature. But he continued to hide in the Khilafat Ar-Rashid, just after his death, he appeared kebid'ahannya and calls human beings to this error.

In the caliphate of Al Ma'mun, the people succeeded in making jahmiyyah jahmiyyah understood as the official state doctrine, between the teachings of the Qur'an is that creature. Then the ruler of all his people were forced to say that the Qur'an is a creature, especially the clerical. Whoever refuses to obey and submit to the teachings of this, he survived the torture and suffering. For those who refused and insisted on saying that the Qur'an is not a creature Kalamullah he will taste the lash and the blow, and confinement in prison.

Because the severity of punishment and the severity of the suffering of many scholars who do not hold strong to say that ultimately what is required by the authorities zhalim though only in the oral only. Many whisper Imam Ahmad bin Hambal to hide his faith to be saved from all the torment and suffering, but he replied, "How do you respond to the hadith" Those before Khabbab, the words of the Prophet Muhammad there is a sawed off his head but did not make him turn away from religion " . HR. Bukhari 12/281. then he insisted, "I do not care about jail, prison, and my house just the same."

His strength and fortitude in the face of temptations that menderanya described by Ishaq bin Ibrahim, "I have never seen one that goes into more rigid ruler of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, our moment in the eyes of the authorities just like flies".

In the face of exposure to slander a powerful and unusual punishment of whipping, he was still thinking clearly and not emotion, it takes a lesson even though it comes from people who lower their knowledge. He said, "Since a libel I have never heard a sentence that is more impressive than the sentence that was uttered by a Bedouin Arab to me," O Ahmad, if you were killed for the truth then you die a martyr, and if you survive then you are living honorably ". So my heart grow stronger ".

Hadith experts as well as jurisprudence Expert

Ibn 'Aqil said, "I once heard a very strange thing from stupid people who say," not a jurist Ahmad, hadith scholars but only just. It is the height of ignorance, because Imam Ahmad has opinions that are based on a hadith unknown to most people, even his superior senior ".
Even Imam Adh-Dzahabi said, "By Allah, he in jurisprudence degree Layth, Malik and Ash-Shafi'i and Abu Yusuf. The ascetic and wara 'his rival Ibrahim bin Adham Fudhail and, in his recitation Syu'bah equivalent, and Ibn Yahya Al Qaththan Madini. But fools do not know the degree itself, how could he know the content of others!


Imam Ahmad bin Hambal apprenticed to many scholars, there are more than two hundred eighty are scattered in various countries, such as in Makkah, Kufa, Basra, Baghdad, Yemen and other countries. Among them are:
Ismail bin Jafar
Abbad bin Abbad Al-Ataky
Abdillah bin Khalid bin Umari
Husyaim bin Bashir bin Qasim ibn Dinar Al-Sulami
Imam Shafi'i
Waki 'ibn Jarrah
Ismail bin Ulayyah
Sufyan ibn 'Uyainah
Ibrahim bin Ma'qil

The disciples of Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Generally, experts had studied the hadith imam Ahmad ibn Hambal, and learn him well as scholars who had been his teacher, the most prominent are:
Imam Bukhari
Abu Daud
Ibn Majah
Imam ash-Shafi'i
His son, Imam Ahmad bin Salih bin Hambal
His son, Imam Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Hambal
His nephew, the son of Ishaq Hambal

Ahmad bin Hanbal Kewafatan

After nine days in hospital, he breathed his last rahimahullah in the morning on Friday coincided with the twelfth of Rabi 'al Awwal 241 H at the age of 77 years. His corpse was attended by eight hundred thousand mourners sixty thousand men and women mourners.


Ahmad bin Hanbal wrote the book of al-Musnad al-Kabir which includes the maximum book "Musnad" and his essay as well as both the research and the Hadith. He did not include in his book apart is needed as evidence. Book Musnad contains more than 25,000 hadith.
Among the works of Imam Ahmad is the encyclopedia or Musnad Hadith, compiled by his son from the lecture (studies) - a collection of more than 40 thousand hadith ash-Book also Salat as-Sunnah and the Book.

Works of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal rahimahullah
Kitab Al Musnad, the most amazing work for this book contains more than twenty seven thousand hadith.
Book at-Tafsir, but Adh-Dzahabi said, "This book is missing".
Book an-Nasikh wa al-mansukh
The book at-Tarikh
The Hadiths Syu'bah
Kitab al-Muqaddam wa al-Mu'akkhar fi al-Qur `an
Book Jawabah al-Qur `an
Kitab al-al-Kabir Manasik
Kitab al-Manasik as-Saghir

According to Imam Nadim, the following books are also the writings of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal
Kitab al-'Ilal
Kitab al-Manasik
Book az-Zuhd
Kitab al-Iman
Kitab al-Masa'il
Kitab al-Asyribah ال
Kitab al-Fada'il
Book Tha'ah ar-Rasul
Kitab al-Fara'idh
The book ar-Radd ala al-Jahmiyyah

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