Sizzla Kalonji Biography

Sizzla Kalonji 

Sizzla Kalonji (real name Miguel Orlando Collins) is a Jamaican reggae musician. He was born on April 17, 1976, in St. Mary, Jamaica, of devout Rastafarian parents and raised in August Town. He was very productive, even by Jamaican standards. Sizzla has worked with artists as Mobb Deep.

Sizzla, along with reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Buju Banton, and Anthony B, who is credited with leading the movement toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values ​​in contemporary reggae music by recording material relating primarily with spirituality,

social consciousness, explores common themes, such as the damaging influence of Babylon, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, oppression of black nation and Sizzla enduring faith in Jah and resistance against perceived agents of oppression. Sizzla has over 40 fully finished recording the album were sold in the store-to-date, the most popular of which was "Black Woman and Child" and "Da Real Thing" on the Digital B label, "Praise Ye Jah" on Xterminator, and "Rise to the Occasion" on Greensleeves.

More recently, however, he has come under fire for homophobic content of many of the lyrics, and advocating violence against gays.

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