Alexandre Barros,Moto GP racer

Alexandre Barros

Alexandre Barros was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 18, 1970, age 40 years. First takes Grandprix race in 80cc class in 1986 at the Jarama circuit, the Spanish GP. At that time she was only 15 years. In 2000 he joined Emerson Honda Pons team with the fourth rank at the end of the season.

2001 season in the West Honda Pons team he managed to maintain position 4 in the final standings. In the 2002 season with the same team he had two times series champion, was runner up and once the top three in the last four series after changing the motor of the NSR 500 cc 2 stroke, the 990 cc 4-stroke RC211V. 2003 racing season, Barros tested the Yamaha YZR M1 to join the Gauloises Yamaha Tech 3 team, a French rider tandem, Oliver Jacque. With a year to 16 to participate in class sertaanya peak, both in the GP 500 and GP, in 2004 became the core of Honda Repsol rider in order to block the rate Valentino Rossi moved to Yamaha Gauloises team.

As if they switch places. 2005 to the year last season, Barros, when he again defended the team changed sponsors Pons.Hanya dbina Sito, namely a Camel Honda's Alex Team.Saat race in WSBK this year 2006.Sampai now there is no accounting for the origin of Brazil's achievement as Barros . In their home country, Alex Barros is favored by the mothers, because the figure of Alex Barros was known to be affectionate with family. Alex Barros in Brazil are managing a type of shopping center / plaza. Alex Barros has the motto "will continue to race until the final breath.

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