Biography of Professor Abdus Salam - Muslim Physicist

Professor Abdus Salam

Prof. Abdus Salam was born on January 29, 1926 in Jhang, a small town in Pakistan, in 1926. He is the best Muslim physicists of the 21st century. Her father is an employee in the Department of Education in agricultural areas. Abdus Salam families have a tradition of learning and pious. Only unfortunately, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat he entered from Qadian, who believe the second coming of the Messiah, Jesus promised that the second time, Imam Mahdi, as well as a religious in the 14th century in the Islamic Calendar H in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, so that the flow is considered a non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan. As a result, until his death in 1996, he was never officially awarded by the government of Pakistan.

In a very young age (22 years) won Salam theoretical physicist with a doctorate summa cum laude at the University of Cambridge, at once took Professor of physics at the University of Punjab, Lahore. Especially for math lessons he even reached the average value of 10 at St.John 's College, Cambridge. Salam is one of four Muslims who had won the Nobel Prize. The other three Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (Peace Nobel 1978), Naguib Mahfoud (Nobel Literature 1988), Palestinian President Yasser Arafat (along with two colleagues from Israel, Nobel Peace Prize 1995).

Recipient of Doctor of Science Honoris Causa degrees from 39 universities / scientific institutions from around the world, which I once referred to himself as the successor to scientists muslim thousand years ago, has stated unequivocally: self-esteem of a people now depend on the creation of scientific and technological achievements. Self-esteem was, as has been evidenced by Salam himself not only able to lift a community level with other communities. Movement science and technology to create participation will contribute to the enhancement of human dignity of all people, regardless of the origin of religion and nationality. That lil rahmatan alaamin.

Muslim physicist Abdus Salam was the most prominent of this century. He was among the first to change the view of the physicists in view parsialisme fifth fundamental force of nature that play a role in this. Namely, the electric force, magnetic force, gravity, strong force that holds protons and neutrons in the nucleus remained close, and the weak force which, among other reactions responsible for the slow decay of radioactive nuclei. During the five centuries of style was understood in isolation in the framework of the argument and postulatnya different.

The unity of the interaction forces are formulated by a trio of Abdus Salam, Sheldon Lee Glashow, Steven Weinberg in the theory of "Unifying the Forces". According to the theory that 1967 was announced, the current weakness in the nucleus is mediated by three particles, each of which emits a powerful stream or style. Twelve years later the law that gave birth to Nobel Prize in Physics 1979.

The existence of three particles that have been demonstrated experimentally in 1983 by a research team led by Carlo Rubia director of CERN (Europeen de Recherche Nucleaire Cetre) in Geneva, Switzerland. Apparently, the pilot was later Regards

inspire other physicists when developing the latest cosmological theories such as Grand Theory (GT), announced the U.S. scientist and his Theory of Everything Stephen Hawking. Through the two theories that, physicists and cosmologists of the world are now eager to explain the secrets of the creation of the universe in one single theory intact. Because of tremendous intelligence, Salam once called home by the Government of Pakistan. During the eleven years since 1963 he became adviser to the President of Pakistan Ayub Khan specifically to handle the development of science and technology in the country. He resigned from his position in government when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto rose to PM Pakistan. Professor Salaam could not receive treatment Ali Bhutto who issued the Law of the minority Muslim Ahmadiyya non-Muslim community where he was born and raised.

There was no feeling of resentment that could bear on the Affairs of Hostilities Salam Pakistan. He chose to go in peace to spread to the World of Science and Humanity throughout. Was demonstrated by most of the age spent as professor of physics at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, from 1957-1993. Since 1964 he became senior researcher at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, as well as a director for 30 years.

Until the end, Pakistan's best sons had no less than 39 honorary doctorates. Among others, from the University of Edinburgh (1971), University of Trieste (1979), University of Islamabad (1979), and prestigious universities in Peru, India, Poland, Jordan, Venezuela, Turkey, the Philippines, China, Sweden, Belgium and Russia. He is also a member and honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences 35 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Abdus Salam classified as good ambassadors of Islam. For example, in his bestowal of the Nobel Physics at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, Abdus Salam basmalah starts with sayings. In it he claimed that the research was based on the belief in monotheism sentence. "I hope Unifying the Forces can provide a scientific basis for belief in God the Almighty," the authors said 250 scientific papers that particle physics.

Prof.Abdus Salam, died Thursday, November 21, 1996 in Oxford, England, aged 70 years and is survived by his wife and six children (two boys and four girls). Salam had set off towards the Almighty at the age of 70 years. He is buried in the ground water is very, very loved, city of Rabwah, Pakistan. We are left now only to ask, did we also have a sense of religious pride, like self-esteem that drives the characters are very well respected by the international scientific community? To be sure, the recipient of the degree of Doctor of Science Honoris Causa from 39 universities / scientific institutions from around the world, which I once referred to himself as the successor to scientists muslim thousand years ago, has stated unequivocally: self-esteem of a people now depend on the creation of scientific achievements and technological.

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