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Warren Buffett 

Warren Edward Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, on August 30, 1930. His ability to create added value has been seen since childhood. When he was 11 years for example, he was a newspaper deliveryman. But he used his time well for around a golf course, searching for lost golf balls and sell them cheaply to golfers around the golf course. At the age of 14, when Buffett was still sitting in banku high school, he started to work so that it has cash of $ 1.200 to buy 40 hectares of agricultural land that eventually he rented at the local farmers. From here he has created a passive income from land leases. Companies that bought always fixed as possible, so that performance is improved business fundamentals brilliant financial.

Company that was going bankrupt, in his hand can turn into a sexy firm attracted many other investors. No wonder the stock price of Berkshire Hathaway - which is used as a tool to buy more companies - even in the capital market has skyrocketed. Berkshire Hathaway's stock price in mid-July 2007 - January 2008 for instance, soared by 35%. Even last December, its stock price through the highest level of all time, to U.S. $ 150,000 per share. Stock image of the player is usually not far away from the image of a speculator: buy at low prices, sell at high prices. Buffett is not Gergo Soros, the currency speculators (forex) big fish, who was rumored as being responsible for the falling value of the rupiah against the U.S. $ at the beginning of the collapse of President Soeharto, in 1998.

Warren Buffett 

Buffet conscious, short game is not profitable. This he learned from the age of 11 years - when he bought his first stock, Cities Service, for $ 38.25 per share. After that, he sold the shares back for $ 40. Apparently, he sold the stock price rose steadily, and several years later it was $ 200 per sheet. Of the lessons that he has found to not rush to remove erburu shares. Buffett's business end is a step on the long-term investments, in shares of companies whose products he knew well. That is why, he never wanted to buy shares of Microsoft or a dotcom company. Although he never laughed at because keenganannya other investors, now he just laughs at the end because most of the investments in dotcom forfeited. He survived the dotcom storm early 2000's because it did not join the bandwagon of investing in it.
Long-term investment also means business. Buffett has never applied the principle to buy the stock, but buying a business (buying a business not share). Although shares of Coca-Cola had collapsed in 1998-1999, he still relies on long-term trends. He keep Coca-Cola stock up now.

Warren Buffett 

The steps are so charming and clever business, so he has always been the prey of business journalists. So there are many media that have a profile. Almost, every step is a step Buffett investment, by buying shares of the company. Buffett began early strategic move when he bought shares in textile firm Berkshire Hathaway 1962. He managed to become the largest shareholder three years later. He is smart to invest idle cash of the company. He is like buying insurance companies, gems, utilities, and food through Berkshire. Through this company he also mastered several world-class companies such as Coca Cola, and Kraft Food WellsFargo. New measures in December it acquired the manufacturing and service companies Momon Holding of U.S. $ 4.5 billion.

Buffett actually had long pledged to donate his property when he died. However, in June 2006 and then, Buffett act more quickly, to donate most of its stake in Berkshire. Total dermanya when it reached U.S. $ 31 billion alias of about 300 trillion, almost half the state budget (budget) our year! Not surprisingly, the charitable donation was listed as the largest in American history. Interestingly, some donations were handed over to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The fund is twice the usual funds collected Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over the years. With such abundant wealth, Buffett probably could have lived anywhere as fancy as he liked with. But he chose to live simply in the home he bought four decades ago in Omaha. According to the magazine Adbuster, he only had two private jets and a luxury yacht for her glamor-ria. Far less than the luxury of businessmen and other celebrities whose wealth even further adrift at the bottom.

Bill Gates dominance fades as well. After 13 years

consecutive entrenched as the world's richest person according to Forbes magazine, the founder of Microsoft's software rakasasa also displaced from his throne. This year, the Worldwide tertajir is Warren Buffett, a businessman and investor who ketajamam very extraordinary mind so that he described as a mix between the physicist Einstein, Picasso the artist and creator of the wealthy King Croesus gold coins, in one body. Gates still richest man could have this year if he does not want to acquire Yahoo!. Yahoo! steps bid in early February doubt the market, so that Microsoft's stock price continued to plummet. Even a day before Microsoft announced its bid for Yahoo!, the value of its shares slumped 13%. As a result, Gates property is still largely concentrated in Microsoft, too, tergerogoti. Gates overall wealth rose only $ 2 billion a year ago to U.S. $ 58 billion. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, Buffett's wealth soared U.S. $ 10 billion at the same time a U.S. $ 62 billion!.

Advice About Wealth by Warren Buffet

He bought his first share at age 11 years and he now regrets that he started too late.
Message: Encourage your child to invest [Encourage your children to invest]
He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from delivering newspapers.

Message: Encourage your child to start learning to do business [Encourage your children to start some kind of business]
He still lives in a house with a small 3-bedroom in downtown Omaha, which he bought after he got married 50 years ago. He said that he has everything he needs in that house.

Although the house was no fence.
Message: Do not buy what is not needed, and encourage your child to do the same. [Do not buy more than what you "really need" and Encourage your children to do and think the same]

He always drove alone if you want to travel and he does not have a driver or personal security.
Message: Be what it is. [You are what you are]
He never travels by private jet, although he has a jet company in the world.
Message: frugal (Always think how you can accomplish economically Things

Berkshire Hathaway, his company, owns 63 companies.
He writes only one letter each year to the CEOs of these companies, giving them goals for the year.
He never held meetings or calls them on a regular basis.

Message: Assign the job to the right person [Assign the right people to the right jobs]
He only gives two rules to the CEOnya.
Rule number one is: Do not even spend the money the owners of the shares.
Rule number two: Never forget rule number one.
Message: Make a clear purpose and focus to make sure their nominally for the purpose. [Set goals and the make sure people focus on them]
He does not socialize with the people among the upper classes.
His spare time he spent at home watching television while eating pop corn.

Message: Do not Show off, Be yourself and enjoy what you do [Do not try to show off, just be your self and do what you enjoy doing]

Bill Gates, the world's richest man met him for the first time five years ago.

Bill Gates did not think he has anything in common with Warren Buffet, he had scheduled his meeting only for 30 minutes.

But when she met him, the meeting lasted for 10 hours and Bill Gates are interested to learn a lot from Warren Buffet.

Avoid credit cards and invest for yourself and remember:

* Money does not create the people but the people that create money.
* Live simply.
* Do not do what other people say, listen to them, but what do you think is good.
* Do not force yourself to own branded goods, which if the wear what is comfortable for you.
* Do not waste your money on things that are not needed;
use the money to help those in need.
* After all the other people still can not manage your own life. YOU control your life completely.

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