Inul Daratista Biography

Inul Daratista 

Inul Daratista(born in Pasuruan, East Java, January 21, 1979, age 33 years; Ainur Rokhimah real name) is an Indonesian dangdut singer. Inul famous ngebor rocking style. Inul's father was named Abdullah Aman, and his mother was Rufia. Inul was married to Adam Suseno.


Inul started her stage career as a singer dangdut through folk events in Pasuruan, East Java. Without he knew, his stage act immortalized in a video tape. The video is then reproduced and distributed in VCD format to various corners of the area, it is encouraging Inul's name became famous. Along with adhering to the nickname "Queen ngebor", Inul from performing in many places. Instantly, densely filled manggungnya schedule. A number of television shows were scrambling to Inul.

In addition to singing career in the world, Inul also have karaoke business, Inul Vizta. Business which has several branches of this, had got into trouble. Andar Situmorang sued for violating copyright issues. But beginning in June 2009, the case is won by the Central Jakarta District Court.
Completed a business case Vizta karaoke Inul, who now turn Inul Andar to bring an action against the authorities. This time Andar Inul reportedly on charges of making false statements. Until now, the case was examined by the authorities.

Personal Life

Inul marriage lived with her husband, Adam Suseno past 13 years have not produced a child. But the dream was finally realized in 2009. Through IVF, Inul successfully gave birth to her first child on May 19, 2009 at 21:29 am by Caesarean section. First baby was named Joseph Ivander Damares.


Ahead of the release of her first album, Inul shake disliked by Rhoma Irama, the singer who got the nickname "Jason King". Goyang Inul considered inviting the negative impact of pornographic and degrading the prestige of dangdut music. Dj with PAMMI in the name of the organization (Association of Malay Music Artis Indonesia), opposed the circulation album Goyang Inul Blackboard released in late May 2003. Rhoma attitude was then raises the pros and cons.

On January 2006, again in front Rhoma lawmakers issued a statement opposing the action stage Inul, at the hearing the bill between the House and the Pornography artist.

In April 2006, Inul re-create the controversy by releasing a statement in the media that he wanted to pose naked in Playboy's Indonesian edition.

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