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Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, MBE (commonly called Jense, or JB, born in Frome, Somerset, England, January 19, 1980, age 32 years) is a British Formula 1 driver. Currently she is under the auspices of the McLaren-Mercedes team, and is a World Champion Formula 1 2009 season.
Button debut in Formula 1 GP Australia began in 2000 with Williams-BMW team (now the Williams-Cosworth). In 2001, he raced for Benetton-Renault team, who in 2002 became Renault. In 2003-2009, he raced for BAR-Honda team. During that period, the team has changed its name to Honda Racing F1 in 2006 and Brawn GP in 2009.
After having to wait for 113 races, Button finally won his first victory at Hungarian GP 2006 when he was joined Honda team. Button then managed to become world champion in F1 2009 season. He became the tenth British people who managed to become Formula 1 World Champion.

Family and Friends

Jenson Button is a child who came from middle-class family in England. Where his father, John Button when young is a private employee who is also an occasional drop in semi-professional rally event. While his mother, Simone Lyons is a housewife. Button is the youngest of four children. Three brothers all of whom are women is Tania Katrina (born 1967), Samantha Chantal (born in 1970), and Natasha Michelle (born 1970). Button family live in the suburbs in Frome, Somerset, away from the bustle of London. But happiness as a big family can not enjoy Button up now, because her parents had divorced. So then, Button earnings as an F1 driver makes a great family support expectations of John Button in wading through the rigors of life.

Button's closest friend in Formula 1 is David Coulthard and Lewis Hamilton. While outside F1 is his close friend Frank Lampard of Chelsea football club. Interestingly, friendship and Lampard Button in F1 Racing magazine started when they brought in a special interview in London in 2006. Button himself was not the fans of Chelsea, to blatantly Lampard Button explained that he was the Arsenal fans.


Jenson Button was engaged to singer Louise Griffiths for two years, before they finally broke up in April 2005. Since then, he and his partner David Coulthard, the subject of rumors in the British press as a master playboy. Currently, Jenson was a special relationship with the Japanese model Jessica Michibata.

Prior to 2002, Jenson Button is a fan of duck meat based foods. Until one day one fans who happened to be a member of one club animal lovers sent him a video of fattening ducks forcibly. Button then panicked, and finally decided that he would never again eat meat duck. As a successor to continue to survive until now, Button would prefer to eat the salad or noodles.

Button in the hobby is a leisure time mountain biking and body boarding. He also includes a powerful in playing Play Station. Button admitted that he could identify new tracks which are used in F1 by menjajalnya in video games. While the world of entertainment, especially movies, Jenson Button has a passion that was almost the same as other British athlete-celebrities. He is a media franchise fans of the series, James Bond, especially for the films starring Sean Connery.

Until now, the life of Button in the UK including the simplest of the celebrity-athlete throughout the UK. Button can still roam freely in London without the paparazzi chase. He also still often can we find around North London, if the season ended or during holidays. Button to another residence is Monaco, where there he kept several private collections such as the VW Campervan and Honda S600 in 1956 that he got for free when he signed a contract with BAR-Honda in 2003.

In a poll in 2007, the name Jenson Button was nominated for the award of 2007 Men dressed neatly. Unfortunately he failed to win, and could only be in fifth position behind Daniel Craig, David Beckham, Prince William, and Frank Lampard.

Early career


Small Button started racing in motorcycle racing. Motorcycle that he got a Christmas gift from his father at the age of five years at the time Button. Button had just begun to fall in karting at the age of 8 years, after he handed a small motor to the father by reason of less tight. So then John struck me that her son really wants to be a racer.

In 1989 he fell in karting event and won the British Kart Super Prix. From then on, until four years later, Jenson continued to win some event such as the British Cadet Karting, British Open and British Junior TKM Kart series. Fantastic record he recorded in 1991 while winning 34 races in the British Cadet.Di 1994, she won fourth place in the British Junior Kart series and won the Junior Intercontinental A European race series and Junior Intercontinental A Italian Winter Kart. In 1997, he not only won the Senior ICA Italian Kart series, but also became the youngest runner-up in World Formula A Kart series. Jenson remained in the world of karting, and continue to record a victory until 1998.

Formula Junior

In 1998 he moved to British Formula Ford series and European Formula Ford. Race for Haywood Racing, Jenson won the British Formula Ford, and second in the European series, behind the candidate Indianapolis 500 champion, Dan Wheldon. In the same year, he also won the Formula Ford Festival. End of 1998, Button McLaren Autosport BRDC earned a Young Driver Award, and as a reward, he gets a chance to try out F1 car at the end of the year.
Entering 1999, Jenson won third place in the British Formula 3 series Promatecme team, behind Luciano Burti, and the title of top rookie. In addition, he also managed to finish in P5 in the Ultimate Masters of Formula 3 and the Macao Grand Prix. Frank Williams, who was not satisfied with the performance of riders at the time, Alex Zanardi, seeing that Jenson is still young it is proved to have great potential talent.

Formula 1 career

Jenson Button was first caught on radar Frank Williams on December 15, 1999 when Frank attended the FIA ​​Gala Dinner. At that time one of his invitations to tell the greatness Button accidentally during a test with Prost car. Then without hesitation, Frank called Button and took the test next week. Button then compete with Bruno Junqueira and Jorg Muller for second seats Williams in 2000.

Surprisingly Frank then recruited him to accompany Ralf Schumacher in 2000. At that time, Button got a lot of pressure. Mainly from the British public, who were expecting a future world champions England, after the death of Damon Hill. Although he was still very young, but he managed to prove his accomplishments to the public by winning 12 points at the end of the season and finished eighth in the championship. At the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix, F1 Paddock had created an uproar by him when he managed to occupy P3 in qualifying. At the end of the season, Button won the Rookie of the Year of F1 Racing magazine for his achievements in the debut. It is unfortunate, did not make a great performance of Frank Williams intends to maintain. Frank prefers to go with Juan Pablo Montoya Ralf Schumacher than Jenson Button in 2001. Button thrown.

2001: Benetton-Renault

In 2001, Button moved to Benetton-Renault team, where he had a disappointing season. Partnered with Giancarlo Fisichella, the team struggled to develop the car and had to spend most of the race from the back of the grid. At the end of the season, Button is still struggling with the car handling B201 although team-mate Fisichella finish P3 success in Spa-Francorchamps. Button finally able to reach only 2 points at the end of the season, which he got from the P5 finish at Hockenheim

2002: Renault F1

Benetton team in 2002 changed its name to Renault F1, and the performance is much better than in 2001. Jenson Button this time accompanied by Jarno Trulli, who in 2000 had experienced problems with Button from Trulli always hurt a few times because it was hit by a Button. Jenson was miraculously able to rise from the depression in 2001. In fact he almost took the podium in Malaysia, after reaching the final lap in Q3, unfortunately the rear suspension just stuck on the last lap, and he must give up his podium position for Michael Schumacher. In the next race in Brazil, Button returned to finish fourth.

In July 2003, Williams surprisingly decided that they will keep the duo Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher for the 2003 season. This means that Jenson Button can not go back to Williams. At that time many teams are trying to grab Button, of which Ferrari and McLaren. At Ferrari extend contract Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher as he continued to await the skill of Felipe Massa and McLaren David Coulthard is to extend the contract to accompany Kimi Raikkonen, Button finally decided to accept the offer David Richards of the BAR-Honda for 2003. At the end of the season, Jenson managed to collect 15 points overall, and was in P7 2002 championship season.

2003-2005: B.A.R-Honda

In the 2003 season, Jenson switched to BAR-Honda team to accompany the former 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve (JV), and its position at Renault was replaced by Fernando Alonso.Jenson sparkled with a total of 17 points and nine positions to the drivers' standings, far surpasses his partner, Jacques Villeneuve. Previously in Australia, Button had an argument with the JV due to radio errors which then calls both into the pit at the same time. It took two months to straighten out the problem between the JV and JB. Although he had to miss one race at Monaco due to an accident , and also have not managed to climb the podium in 2003, Jenson managed to get fourth place in Austria and in the last round Suzuka, when JV pull tester and replaced Takuma Sato. Two weeks earlier at Indianapolis, Jenson Button managed to lead the race for the first time, although only last for a few laps only.

Jenson Button in Belgium 2004.

2004 was the best year Jenson for his Formula 1 career. He noted the first podium at the Malaysian GP, ​​behind Michael Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya. While the first pole achieved in the San Marino GP. Almost throughout the season, Button could always finish in the P2 or P3. Exceptions to Belgium, because it was used Michelin tires Button suddenly deflated, and make it into a wall. Jenson Button also could have won in Monaco and Italy. In Monaco, he almost overtook Jarno Trulli, Renault handling unfortunately very great here. While in Italy, Button had the lead until lap 40 before the action Ferrari duo rocket shown in the last 13 laps managed to finish the race with the P1 and P2 for Barrichello and Schumacher. Button had to be content in P3. Even so, the BAR team successfully lifted into position constructors' championship runner-up, beat the Renault team, the nota bene, managed to win the race by Jarno Trulli in Monaco, while BAR had never been.

Mid-season, was widely rumored that Jenson Button has signed a contract with Williams for the 2005 season. David Richards (DR) panic, and then he contacted the Contract Recognition Board (CRB) to straighten out the problem, because the validity, Button still had a contract with BAR for 2005 Unfortunately, Jenson feels that his contract with BAR was over, and he can freely move to Williams. Although Frank Williams had offered a sum of money DR, DR remains at its founding to submit the issue to the CRB. DR then win, and that means Button remain at BAR for 2005, but on the other hand, the CRB also added, if the points Button points less than 75% owned by the top standings in 2005, so he can freely move to Williams, without dime.
In 2005, BAR back to his home, not competitive. Button that could even finish in the top 3 San Marino GP should be exposed to bad luck, because his car was disqualified and later banned for two races. In these two races, in Monaco rather, Jenson Button tried one other work, he became a commentator on ITV for qualifying and the race. After descending back to the race in Canada, 2005, Button was still not able to gain points. The end points can be achieved purely on the 2005 French GP finish in the top 4. While the podium in the season premiere of pure Button won the 2005 German Grand Prix, beating Michael Schumacher to sit on the P3.

At the end of the season, although the point is less than 75% points, which is owned by the world champion Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button finally decided to remain at BAR who later changed its name to Honda F1.Ia look less convincing Williams team for 2006 after leaving the engine supplier BMW and turned the team Sauber-Petronas team to start the 2006 season. Then the BAR-Honda team announced in public that they purchased the contract Button for the 2006 season from the Williams team at a price of 30 million pounds. Partner Button for the 2006 season is Rubens Barrichello, who surprisingly was sacked from Ferrari and was replaced by Felipe Massa.

2006-2008: Honda Racing F1

In the 2006 season, Jenson perform slightly better than in the 2005 season. This time the BAR-Honda team's name changed to the Honda Racing F1 Team. Malaysian Grand Prix, Button managed to grab the third podium. But over her bad luck in Australia, after losing his podium position a few meters before the finish due to his Honda engine exploded. Whereas the previous day, he successfully put Honda on pole position.

Hungarian GP, ​​dated August 13, 2006, in qualifying, Jenson Button had to settle in P14. But his luck will change the next day, where on Sunday, heavy rains Hungaroring circuit. Button bit during the race helped by Kimi Raikkonen involved in crashes with Vitantonio Liuzzi, and Michael Schumacher one of the pit strategy.

After the first pit, he was behind Fernando Alonso, who leads the race. When the second pit Alonso, Button leads. Alonso, who is currently second pitstop mechanic tighten the mounting bolts one nut tires, tires eventually be knocked out after standstill because they can not rotate. Button then casually through the second pitstop. And he finally won at the Hungaroring, having no significant resistance from Pedro de la Rosa and Nick Heidfeld, who had to settle for P2 and P3.Dengan this victory, Button signed up as the first true British racing driver (outside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ) are capable of winning the race after winning Johnny Herbert at the Nurburgring 1999. He also match the achievements of Damon Hill who also won his first race in Hungary 1993.
Later in Brazil, where Michael Schumacher had his last F1 race, Jenson took the podium to finish back in P3. He also confirmed that he will stay at Honda for 2007. Button position in the final standings of the 2006 season is in P6 with 56 points. But the remarkable record of Button in the second half of the season is amazing, where he was able to reach 35 points in the remaining six races, while the other drivers could not match his achievements.

British GP Jenson Button in 2007.

In 2007, Jenson back should feel uncompetitive Honda car. At the beginning of the season he had trouble driving the car because it still bear the pain caused by an accident while driving a go-kart. But he was more fortunate and able to score points over teammate Rubens Barrichello who are not able to score points at all until the end of the 2007 season. Lewis Hamilton's sensational arrival in Formula 1 seems also to have negative effects for Button. Many F1 fans who booed him as Jean Alesi or Olivier Panis new (both Alesi and Panis only able to win only one race during his career in F1). [26] In the final standings, Jenson could only be at P14 with 6 points.

In the 2008 season, Button is joining Honda. [28] Almost all season, he was less than the achievements of Rubens Barrichello who managed to earn a podium at the British GP. Until the 2008 season ended, Button only able to be in P18 standings with 3 points. Another unfortunate Button then come before, because in mid-December 2008 the surprise team of Honda decided to withdraw from F1 due to the impact of global crisis. He then got tossed around in the F1 position, until finally came the savior, who decided that Ross Brawn takes over Honda's assets at the date of March 6, 2009.

2009: Brawn GP

Position in F1 Jenson Button finally survived after Ross Brawn bought the entire assets of the Honda team and changed its name to the Brawn GP. Partner Button for the 2009 season is Rubens Barrichello. For the supply of machinery, Ross managed to get a contract with Mercedes-Benz factory. All of the above only happens less than one month before the inaugural race of the 2009 season in Australia. Then later in the team's official debut at the 2009 Australian GP Brawn, Jenson Button took pole surprisingly direct and able to translate into a victory.

Many people then assume that Button and Brawn victory in Australia is unusual because the crash racing Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, and Renault have yet to find the best car settings plus they are still difficult to develop KERS. Jense success in Melbourne and then proceed in a rain-soaked Malaysia, where he performed heroics in the wet race. However, Button and his team was worried when some other team complained equipment owned double-decker diffuser of Brawn GP. Finally after a long wait, on 14 April 2009, the FIA ​​ruled that Brawn GP's diffuser is legal, and that means Jenson Button can still continue to compete in the front row to reach his goal won the world title in 2009, after which he spectacularly managed to win four consecutive races in Bahrain, Spain, Monte Carlo, and Turkey.

By the mid-season, Button could have difficulty developing the Brawn GP car. He must be willing to look at the two closest rivals, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing team to master a few races. In difficult races such as the UK, Germany, Hungary and Valencia, Button eventually prefer to secure himself as the top standings while trying to finish in the last eight. Then in Belgium, Button must be willing to exit from the race due to an act of Romain Grosjean butting him and then also involving Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Buemi. Entering the race in Italy, Button eventually returned to finish up with the P2, where his team mate, Rubens Barrichello managed brilliantly to win the race at the Monza circuit. Then, after failing in Singapore and Japan, Jenson Button finally locked his world title when he finished in P5 Brazil GP 2009.

2010-present: McLaren-Mercedes

In connection with purchases by the Brawn GP Mercedes-Benz at the end of the 2009 season, Button on 18 November 2009 made a shocking statement that he will leave Brawn GP (now Mercedes GP), who had been his defense team for 7 years and drove him as a champion of the world, and choose to join the 2008 F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton at McLaren-Mercedes under the flag. Button signed a contract duration of three years for a fee of 6 million euros per season. To the BBC, Button said that the reason for moving to McLaren not for money, but he wanted to seek new challenges and compete with Lewis Hamilton.
Many people say that the decision to defend McLaren was the wrong decision, and predicted that Button would be drowned by his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. However, Button managed to silence criticism of the media in 2010 won the Australian GP with a very brilliant, beat Lewis Hamilton could only finish in the 6th position. Then with the help of a good strategy, Jenson managed to win in China after failing miserably in Malaysia due to rain interrupted qualifying session.

The next two races in Spain and Monaco Button could only finish once in P5 in Spain, as in Monaco he was experiencing engine failure. Button then go back to the good performance when he finished second in Turkey and Canada. Go to the middle of the 2010 season, Button was disappointed when he was hit by Sebastian Vettel in Belgium, but he could come back smiling while finishing second in Italy, after he had led in the first half of the race before eventually losing to Fernando Alonso in the pit stop strategy. But his efforts to defend his world title after he crashed only able to achieve twice the P4 in Singapore and Japan that followed P12 in the South due to strategic errors. Jenson then closed the 2010 season by reaching the podium in Abu Dhabi and he finished in P5 drivers' standings with 214 achievement points.

Successful 2011 season Jenson Button won the second podium in Malaysia followed by two times the third podium in Spain and Monaco. Button then dramatically after winning Canada's Sebastian Vettel, who led the race in last lap terpleset. Button then had failed to finish in sequence in the UK and Germany. But his patience paid off when he won the race in Hungary which is the race of his F1-to-back capable 200.Di Belgium Button on the podium after qualifying he was in P13. Thanks to the triumphant appearance in a few races, McLaren then offered a contract extension until the next pension Button to Button responded by signing a contract a few days before the new Jepang.Kontrak Button GP with McLaren estimated to be worth 85 million pounds. In an interview on the sidelines of the India GP, boss Martin Whitmarsh explained that the new contract with McLaren Button lasted three years. Button was successful pay McLaren confidence through achievement podium in India and Abu Dhabi, while ensuring himself the first person who managed to beat Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in his career. In the final race in Brazil, Button ensure themselves as championship runner-up after he finished third behind Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.


1989: Karting - British Kart Super Prix, Champion of Public
1990: Karting - British Kart Super Prix, Champion of Public
1991: Karting - British Cadet, General Champion
1992: Karting - British Open, Champion of Public
1993: Karting - British Junior TKM Kart, Champion of Public
1994: Karting - British Junior Kart, to-4
1995: Karting - Junior Intercontinental A European

Championship, Champion of Public

1996: Karting - Senior ICA Italian Championship, Champion of Public
1997: Karting - European Super A Championship, Champion of Public
1998: British Formula Ford - Haywood Racing, General Champion and runner-up European series

1999: British Formula 3 - Promatecme Team, the 3rd
2000: Formula 1 - BMW.WilliamsF1, the 8th (12 points)
2001: Formula 1 - Benetton-Renault, the 17th (2 points)
2002: Formula 1 - Renault, 7th (14 points)
2003: Formula 1 - B.A.R-Honda, 9th (17 points)
2004: Formula 1 - BAR-Honda, the 3rd (85 points) - the first pole at San Marino

2005: Formula 1 - B.A.R-Honda, 9th (37 points)
2006: Formula 1 - Honda, 6th (56 points) - the first victory in Hungary

2007: Formula 1 - Honda, the 14 (6 points)
2008: Formula 1 - Honda, the 18th (3 points)
2009: Formula 1 - Brawn-Mercedes Grand Prix, World Champion (95 points)
2010: Formula 1 - McLaren-Mercedes, 5th (214 points)
2011: Formula 1 - McLaren-Mercedes, 2nd (270 points)


1998: McLaren Autosport BRDC Award
2000: Autosport Rookie of the Year
2000: F1 Racing Rookie of the Year
2001: Lorenzo Bandini Trophy winner
2003: British Competition Driver of the Year
2004: International Driver of the Year
2006: British Competition Driver of the Year
2009: International Driver of the Year
2009: British Competition Driver of the Year
2010: Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year

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