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Adrienne Louise Clarkson
Adrienne Louise Clarkson,  (born in Hong Kong, China, February 10, 1939, age 73 years) is a Successful Canadian journalist. From October 7, 1999 to 27 September 2005 he served as Governor General of Canada is the 26th. He was the first Chinese Canadian and second woman to occupy this position: the first is Jeanne Sauvé.

Early life and career

Adrienne Louise Clarkson, a Hakka born with the name of the Chinese language:? ? ?; Pinyin: Wu Bingzhi, language Hakka: Ng Pen-ki) in Hong Kong with his father William Poy, a businessman Australia and veteran of World War II, a brilliant and mother Ethel Poy, but grew up in Ottawa. Clarkson is the home country Taishan, Guangdong, China. Because his father was a subject the United Kingdom, he was included in the exchange of prisoners of war by the Japanese Imperial Forces. After the family moved to Canada, by using the clause "special circumstances" in the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 allowed the which the Chinese people immigrated to Canada during World War II in 1942. That Clarkson claimed one of the earliest memories is hiding under the ground at his home in Hong Kong during the Japanese attack.

His brother is a retired plastic surgeon in Toronto WHO, Dr. Neville Poy. Daughter-in-law is Senator Vivienne Poy.

Clarkson's status as an immigrant / refugee has been much Discussed, as well as "humble origins." Critics pointed out Clarkson That in fact he was born in Hong Kong and the elite in his house he mempuyai many Servants. When the family moved to Canada, Their situation is far from luxury, but by no means poor.
Clarkson studied at Ottawa public schools until 1956 (graduating from Lisgar Collegiate Institute), and then he went to Trinity College, the which is part of the University of Toronto. At that time Governor-General Clarkson won the medal in English. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1960, and after That he traveled with his parents to East Asia and Southeast Asia. Took graduate studies at the Sorbonne.

He began to take master programs in 1962, with a thesis on the poetry of George Meredith. The Following year she married Stephen Clarkson, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto. They divorced in 1975. The couple has three children, namely girls. Kyra Clarkson (born 1969) is a graduate of Northern High School and currently works as an architect in the office of Tod Williams Billie Tsien architect in New York City. Kyra lived in Brooklyn Heights in New York. In 1971 the couple have two twin daughters, Blaise and Pascal. At the age of 9 months Pascal Died of "sudden infant death syndrome". Blaise Clarkson continued his studies as a medical student at the University of Toronto. Stephen Clarkson is given custody of two children are still alive WHO. After the divorce, the children Become Alienated from Their mother, and now rarely speak to him. Christina McCall, Stephen Clarkson's second wife, adopted two girls.

in the 1970s.

Adrienne Clarkson is Widely known from his work in broadcasting, Because he had been the organizer for the CBC program 1964-1982 Between. In 1964 he began working as a freelance book reviewer for Various events during the day-Take 30 fine after he was introduced to the producers by a friend while still in college. After less than a year in this position, he was Promoted to co-organizer, making it one of the prominent members of minority groups are prominent That position in the Canadian TV.

Clarkson remained with Take 30 for a decade and at that time he also started to venture in print journalism. He Became a regular contributor to publications Such as Maclean's and Chatelaine. He also wrote and published the novels of his own romantic fiction: A Lover More Condoling in 1968 and Hunger Trace in 1970. He also publishes non-fiction book True to You in My Fashion: A Woman Talks to Men About Marriage, a collection of interviews with the men on the topic of divorce in 1971 (at the same time experiencing his first marriage shock).
Following tradition Clarkson and Saul will plant two oak trees to mark the end of his term on 26 September 2005 at 14:00 pk but the show was canceled due to bad weather.

That morning he Attended a ceremony on Parliament Hill; there were members of the House of Commons thanked her for her work. The Prime Minister expressed his Gratitude in person Because he was willing to extend his term one year longer. At this ceremony, According to tradition, the Governor-General Clarkson handed the flag That was raised in parliament when he was in office.

A recent Controversy Occurred in the last days Clarkon tenure. He Decided to attend the swearing-in ceremony penggantiniya, Mme Jean. This is the first time in more than 100 years That a Governor-General Attended the swearing-in replacement. He was driving a Toyota Avalon and after the show, then went to Toronto. They have a home in The Annex district of the city. There They continue to live as ordinary citizens.

After leaving Rideau Hall Clarkson signed a contract for two books with Penguin Canada to publish his memoirs. The first book will be titled "Heart Matters". This will make-the former Governor General Clarkson's third published an autobiography: the first is the Commander Earl Alexander of Tunis and the second Massey WHO publishes What's past is prologue: the memoirs of the Right Honourable Vincent Massey, C. H. in 1963.

Though his term is somewhat controversial, many people praising Clarkson Because Became the first Governor General Vincent Massey relevant since the 1950's (or, Alternatively, since the Roland Michener in the 1970s).


Clarkson was an Anglican, as well as the whole family up to five generations. His uncle was a priest in the Anglican Church in Hong Kong Chinese. Clarkson studied at Trinity College Because it is an Anglican school. While there, he once dated, although not so serious a theological student, Michael Peers WHO later Became an archbishop. This friendship is maintained over the years. WHO Peers is a priest blessed the marriage with Saul and Clarkson took the Oath at his Inauguration as Governor-General and led the funeral of his parents. Clarkson also praised for restoring prayer at his Inauguration ceremony. Part of this prayer was abolished when Romeo LeBlanc was inaugurated in 1995.

Clarkson is admired by the people Because he was open about his faith at the time he was at Rideau Hall, although it is said he felt sad Because no one ever questioned the young Canadian his faith in his term as Governor-General. Symbol contains a number of religious elements. That stands out is the tiger WHO wears a badge That is based on the badge given to the Anglican Church of Canada in 1995. It also contains a symbol of the Latin motto That translates: "Only the Truth is Spoken presumably, would only hear the truth". In an interview in December 2005 with the Anglican Journal, he said That the message you want conveyed through the symbol was that "I am an Anglican and was part of my life, that I really felt at home in the Anglican Church". In the same interview he Criticized what he called a "difference in" in the Anglican Church regarding homosexuality.

Clarkson also noted for visiting Anglican churches across Canada in a variety of visit, and said That he was pleased to see how the church is taking place in communities across Canada. Keyakinkan public, as well as his tenure, had created a Controversy. He particularly Criticized when he Appeared to take communion in a Catholic Church, and not the Anglican Church.

Degrees and honors

Titles are used

Miss / Mme Adrienne Poy (February 10 1939 to 1963)
Mrs / Mme Stephen Clarkson (1963-1975)
Mrs / Mme Adrienne Clarkson (1975-30 April 1992)
Mrs / Mme Adrienne Clarkson, OC (30 April 1992-28 September 1999)
Mrs / Mme Adrienne Clarkson, CC, CMM (28 September-7 October 1999)
Her Excellency The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, CC, CMM (7 to 14 October 1999)
Her Excellency The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, CC, CMM, CD (October 14, 1999-October 2000)
Her Excellency The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, CC, CMM, COM, CD (October 2000-27 September 2005)
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, CC, CMM, COM, CD (27 September 2005-3 October 2005)
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, PC, CC, CMM, COM, CD (October 3, 2005-present)


Companion of the Order of Canada
Commander of the Order of Military Merit
Commander of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces
Dame Grand Cross of the Order and Prior and Chief Officer in Canada of St John of Jerusalem
Member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada
Canadian Centennial Medal
Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
Canadian Forces Decoration

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