Andrea Stramaccioni Life Story

Andrea Stramaccioni (born in Rome, Italy, January 9, 1976, age 36 years) is a former Italian football player, and now is the coach of Inter Milan is also a legal scholar.

Career Player

Former defender club Bologna, Italy 1994-1995 season playing in Serie C1 when trained by Renzo Ulivieri. But that season was the first and final season of his career as a player, after he received a severe knee injury.

Career Coach

Early Career

After his career as a football player suspended, Stramaccioni course coaching junior players in 2003 and graduated law school in 2010.
He became a football coach in several amateur teams and primavera (junior). At the age of 25 years, bringing his team won the Junior Championship Az Sport amateur in the city of Rome. After that Stramaccioni Romulea moving train that is the first dilevel junior club until 2005. In that period also, Stramaccioni also served as a scout for the club Crotone which was coached by Gian Piero Gasperini.

Roma Primavera

In 2005 Stramaccioni back to her hometown to join the coaching staff Roma primavera and get direct guidance of Bruno Conti. Under her care Roma primavera primavera won two national titles at two different levels in 2007 and 2010.
On May 9, 2009, UEFA coaching license Stramaccioni obtain a level that makes it qualified as a junior and team pelatim amateur team, but can not be a head coach for the team Serie A and Serie B, but as a coach while the coach or representative. To complement its shortcomings, a trainer must obtain a UEFA Pro coaching license. At the same time Roberto Samaden (Inter Milan Football Academy Director since 2006) also follow such a course.

Internazionale Primavera

After Fulvio Pea's departure to become head coach of Sassuolo in the summer of 2011, Roberto and Ernesto Paolillo Samaden (CEO Inter Milan) Stramaccioni offer to become coach of Inter Milan Primavera, and he accepted. Internazionale have to move quickly to get Stramaccioni services by providing the freedom to design the coaching program primavera, because a lot of teams that wanted his services, including the Italian national team U-17.
On March 25, 2012, Inter Milan Primavera won the NextGen series (equivalent to the Champions Cup junior level) after winning a penalty shoot-out with Ajax Amsterdam Junior in London, England.


At the same time with a victory in the NextGen series, Inter Milan first team lost 2-0 to Juventus in the Serie A match continued, the next day March 26, 2012, Massimo Moratti [and most of the officials who helped the club partying in London, decided to fire Claudio Ranieri and promote Stramaccioni utama.Stramaccioni team coach became coach of Inter Milan at the age of 36 years and with no experience handling a large team or a team, making it an unidentified trainer (evidenced not registered the name "Andrea Stramaccioni" on some web Wikipedia hours after unveiled as Inter Milan). Because it does not have the UEFA Pro coaching license, is currently working with representatives Stramaccioni will coach Giuseppe Baresi.

Implementation of Tactic

Scheme selected favorite formation is 4-2-3-1, though in some matches Inter Milan Primavera also be changed to 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-1-2. Adapted to the characteristics of the spread of players, without forcing the move. Perfectionist, hardworking and excellent motivator, he is also a maniac in the preparation of the scheme are set.



Campionato Giovanissimi Dilettanti: 1 (2003)
U. S. Roma Primavera
Campionato Giovanissimi Nazionali: 1 (2007)
Campionato Allievi Nazionali: 1 (2010)
Torneo Citta in Arco: 1 (2010)
Inter Primavera
NextGen series: 1 (2012)

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