Khoirul Anwar - Patent Owner OFDM-based 4G Technology

Khoirul Professor Anwar was born on August 22, 1978 in Karachi, East Java. He is the son of (late) Sudjianto with Siti Patmi a farmer in kediri. His father died of illness when he was fresh out of school in 1990. Khoirul father died of illness, when he was fresh out of school in 1990. Send her to her mother, then try hard, even though his parents did not have a graduate school. Since childhood, Khoirul live in poverty. But there is only way for him to continue their studies. For example, when the continuing high school in Karachi, suddenly there are people who offer free boarding for him. Then he continued studying at ITB Bandung Department of Electrical Engineering graduated cum laude in 2000.

During the four years he was always getting a scholarship. "My parents do not need to send money again," said Khoirul remembering his past. His brain is continuing to bring Khoirul to dilute the high education. After that he won a scholarship to continue the Panasonic S2 of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan and graduated in 2005, and then later he won a scholarship to continue studying the Japanese company S3 from the same campus Nara Institute of Science and Technology ( NAIST), Japan. Anwar later married Khoirul Yayu Sri Indriyani and had three sons, Khoirul live in Nomi, Ishikawa, not far from his workplace. Despite a brilliant achievement in Japan, but Khoirul store desire to return to Indonesia one day.

About his discovery is a way of reducing the transmission power in multicarrier systems such as orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) and Multi-carrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA). The trick is to introduce the spreading code using the Fast Fourier Transform to be very low complexity. With this method it can reduce power fluctuations. He reduces the transmission power in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. The result, the speed of data sent rather than declining as usual, but actually increased. "We were able to reduce power to 5dB = 100 thousand times smaller than previously required," he said. The world's praise. Khoirul also got a scholarship prize of Foreign Contributions by the Consulate General Osaka in 2007.

Telecommunications equipment is not used to provide backup for high power. Later, these findings he patented. This technique has been used by the Japanese satellite company. And who also made his surprise, the 4G system was very similar to the findings that he patented it.

Then the other invention is a lecturer and researcher from Indonesia who worked in laboratoriom Information Theory and Signal Processing, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, in Japan At that desperate because they have to submit a research theme to get research funding, Khoirul racked his brain. Eventually the idea came also from the Dragon Ball Z, Japanese animated film which she often watched. When Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball Z, intending to cast a terdahsyatnya stance, "Genki Dama" aka Spirit Ball, Goku will absorb all the energy of living creatures in nature, resulting in exceptional power. Letting khoirul Ball Goku Spirit moves as Turbo Equalizer (turbo decoder) capable of collecting all the energy of the block transmission delay was, as well as previous transmission block, to eliminate distortions of data caused by wave interference.

"The concept that I lower the math formula to apply to my research," said Khoirul, to VIVAnews via electronic mail, Friday, August 13, 2010. It is now manifest that inspiration into a paper titled "A Simple Turbo Equalization for Single Carrier Block Transmission without Guard Interval."

Assistant Professor 31-year-old can break the assumption that initially 'not possible' in the world of telecommunications. Now a

signal is transmitted wirelessly, no need to diperisai by a guard interval (GI) to keep it immune to the delay, reflection, and interference. Turbo equalizer was going to cancel the interference so that the receiver can receive the signal without distortion.

With rid of GI, and take advantage of the turbo decoder, theoretically could even eliminate the transmission power loss due to no need to send power to GI. GI loss can also be filled by the parity bits that can be used to correct errors due to distortion (error correction coding).

"GI is actually something that is 'useless' on the receiver other than just to be limiting. So it sends power to something that is 'useless' is futile, "said Khoirul.

This idea alone, worked together Khoirul Tadashi Matsumoto, major professor in the laboratory where Khoirul work. And Tadashi when he was about to propose projects to the Kinki Mobile Wireless Center. After dropping a concrete mathematical formula, Khoirul asked his colleague Hui Zhou, to create the program. The method is arguably able to solve the problem of wireless transmission. Moreover, it can be applied to virtually all telecommunications systems, including GSM (2G), CDMA (3G), and suitable for application in 4G systems that require high performance with low-level complexity.

He also can be applied to Indonesia, especially in big cities that have lots of skyscrapers, as well as in mountainous areas. Because the area was usually transmitted wave reflection and experience a longer delay. Not surprisingly, these findings refine the Best Paper award in the category of Young Scientist at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Vehicular Technology Conference (IEEE VTC)-Spring 2010, held May 16 to 19, 2010, in Taiwan.
Present findings that have been patented that are used by a major Japanese electronics company. In fact this technology is also being explored by Chinese telecom giant, Huawei Technology.

That's what led alumnus ITB is now an assistant professor at JAIST, Japan. He taught courses in basic engineering, research, and guiding students. Currently Khoirul are two topics to pursue his own research conducted six research topics and worked with six students.

Success in this country do not make people forget the homeland. "Someday I'll keep returning to Indonesia. After earning a lot of science abroad, "said Khoirul. Give her family a lot of inspiration in discovering new ideas. "Lately, I managed to find a new and highly efficient technique for wireless network while playing with the kids," he said.

In fact, Khoirul often take their children to do small-scale research in his home. With their children anyway, Khoirul often took time to watch together, especially his favorite animated movie: Dragon Ball Z, Kung Fu Panda, Gibli, or Detective Conan.

"Animated film to teach our children that we must understand the value of life," said Khoirul. Gibli animated film, for example, have much to tell how humans should be friends with nature, not destroying it, and love of living things.

Even the idea and a new spirit came from watching movies sometimes. For example, the value of life that he learned from the movie Kung Fu Panda: 'There is no secret ingredient, just believe'. "The value of this I mean that there are no secrets to success, believe that whatever we do can make us successful." Said Khoirul.

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