Christian Wulff-President of Germany

Christian Wulff
Christian Wulff

Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff (born June 19, 1959, age 52 years) is president of the Federal Republic of Germany since June 30, 2010 (appointed July 1, 2010) and went to work. He was sworn in on July 2, 2010.

It stems from the Christian Democratic Union party's conservative wing. His nomination is supported by parties CDU / CSU and FDP coalitions.
Before serving as president of the republic, the prime minister Wulff of Lower Saxony. His position as prime minister after he became president occupied by David McAllister.

On February 17, 2012, Christian Wulff stated resigned from his position as President of Germany, the reason for resignation is due to an alleged abuse of power by Wulff. Wulff made ​​a statement of resignation at the Bellevue Palace in Berlin at 10:00 local time

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