Nicolas Sarkozy-President of the Republic of France to-23

Nicolas Sarkozy-President of the Republic of France to-23
Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy, (born in Paris, France, January 28, 1955, age 57 years born with the name Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa) is the current President of the Republic of France, elected on May 6, 2007 following advantages over Ségolène Royal of the Socialist Party in The second round of the 2007 election. Before becoming president, he is the head of the Popular Movement Union (UMP) right wing. Under pemerintahanJacques Chirac, he served as Minister of the Interior in the cabinet of Jean-Pierre Raffarin (UMP) of the second reign (May 2002-March 2004). He also served as Minister of Finance in the Raffarin government (March 2004-May 2005) and again served as Minister of the Interior in the government of Dominique de Villepin (2005-2007). Sarkozy is also president of the Council General of the department of Hauts-de-Seine in the period 2004-2007 and Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine,

He was the second son of Paul Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa, a Hungarian, and Andrée Mallah, a French woman. Nicolas is often nicknamed Sarko. Since 2007, he became the leader of right-wing party UGR. On January 14, 2007, he was elected as a presidential candidate in 2007 presidential election from the party's conservative Popular Movement Union. The majority of respondents said that he has the ability to be president while 51% expressed concern. She was elected President of France on May 6, 2007.


Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of Pal Sarkozy and Andrée Mallah nagybócsai. Nagybócsai Pal Sarkozy (some sources spell the name Pal Nagy-Bócsay Sarkozy)
born in 1928 in Budapest in a Hungarian noble family low. This family has a variety of land and a small castle in Alattyán (county Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok), 92 km east of Budapest.
When Russian troops entered Hungary in 1944, the family left the country. Pal Sarkozy nagybócsai across Austria and Germany with difficulty in the midst of turmoil that hit Central Europe at the end of World War II. Finally, he arrived in Baden Baden, near the French border, where the French army base in Germany, where he met with a recruitment officer for the French Foreign Legion. He signed a contract for five years, and sent for training in Sidi Bel Abbes, in French Algeria, where the headquarters of the French Foreign Legion. Upon returning to civilian kehiudpan in Marseille in 1948, he obtained French nationality and the name officially became diperanciskan "Sarkozy de Nagy-Paul Bocsa".
Paul Sarkozy moved to Paris where he uses his artistic skills to plunge into the world of advertising. He met Andrée Mallah, Nicolas Sarkozy's mother, in 1949. Andrée Mallah, then a law student, was the daughter of Benoît Mallah, a physician (or surgeon) who is rich, with an established reputation in the 17th arrondissement of Paris that most bourgeois pendududuknya. Benoît Mallah originally was a Sephardi Jew from Thessaloniki, Greece. According to Jewish genealogical association, formerly of the Mallah family from Provence in southern France, which may have been left behind when the Jews were expelled in the Middle Ages.

Paul Sarkozy and Andrée Mallah settled in the 17th arrondissement and earned three sons: Guillaume, born in 1951, an entrepreneur in the textile industry, Nicolas, born in 1955 and François, born in 1957 (has an MBA and manager of a consultancy firm Health. In 1959 Paul Sarkozy left his wife and three children. Later he remarried twice and had two other children from his second wife.
On the other hand, Sarkozy's presidential ambitions are not approved by Chirac. Chirac had hoped to promote Alain Juppe as his successor.

However, this plan falls apart when Alain Juppe was convicted by a criminal court for committing corruption in Nanterre in January 2004. After that Chirac began pushing Dominique de Villepin. Villepin became popular in France due to the sharp challenge of France expressed the Iraq war in 2003. But this popularity was totally destroyed by the actions Villepin is not careful in handling updates and CPE for alleged involvement in the Clearstream scandal.

Michelle Alliot-Marie, also a favorite child Chirac, resigned in December 2006.
Sarkozy's ambitions face a strong left-wing opposition. He is described as a political actor "feels comfortable with big business." The left too has expressed bahaw Sarkozy has given tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, and that he took advantage of the security concerns and the residents will use the police just for sheer publicity. The previous left divided, as seen in the defeat of Lionel Jospin in the presidential election of 2002. However, the selection of Ségolène Royal as the Socialist party candidate for the 2007 elections will presumably prevent new divisions

Career time line

Nicolas Sarkozy spoke at the congress party
1977, a city councilor in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
1977, a member of the RPR.
1978 - 1979, the national youth delegates to the RPR.
1979 - 1981, president of the national youth delegates under

Jacques Chirac for the presidential election of 1981.
1983, became mayor in the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine
1988, the national secretary of the RPR, responsible for youth and teaching problems.

Co-director of the list of the "Union pour les Elections européennes".
1992 - 1993, secrétaire général du RPR-adjoint, Chargé des Federations. (RPR deputy secretary in charge of the militant organizations)

Since 1993, members of the RPR political office.
1993 - 1995, Budget Minister Edouard Balladur in the cabinet.
1995 - 1997 RPR spokesman.
1998 - 1999, Secretary General of the RPR.
1999, the President while the RPR.
1999, head of the RPR-DL list of voters of the European elections in June
May 2000, was elected President of RPR committee for the Department of Hauts-de-Seine
2002 - March 2004, Cabinet Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.
March 2004 - November 2004, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry in Jean-Pierre Raffarin's cabinet
November 2004, was elected as head of President Jacques Chirac UGR party that ruled.
June 2005, the State Minister and Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin in the cabinet
May 2007, the President of France

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