Alfonso X of Castile Biography

Alfonso X of Castile Biography
Alfonso X of Castile

Alfonso X the Wise (Spanish: Alfonso X el Sabio; Toledo, 23 November 1221 - Sevilla, 4 April 1284) is the Castilian king who ruled between the years 1252 until 1284. As a writer and scholar he would quickly popular endorsement of Ptolemy in astronomy and cosmology are known via the Arabs.
Alfonso was the eldest son Fernando III and Elisabeth of Hohenstaufen. Of the mother, her grandfather was Philipp of Swabia and Irene Angelina.

Alfonso was the first king who started the widespread use of the Castilian language, although his father Fernando III had started using it in some document, instead of Latin, the language used in courts, churches, books, and official documents.
From the beginning of his reign, Alfonso employed Jewish scholars began, Christians, and Muslims in the trial, especially for the purpose of a number of books translated from Arabic into Spanish antiquity.

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