Anand Krishna Biography

Anand Krishna Biography
Anand Krishna
Anand Krishna (born in Surakarta, Central Java, September 1, 1956 ) is an interfaith spiritual, nationalist, humanist, humanist and writer who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although the bleed of Indian descent, but the spirit of love of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is very high. Concern was poured in shaping the organizations concerned in trying to build Indonesia's human souls through the efforts of self-empowerment. One is the National Integration Movement or the Movement of Society for National Integration, 11 April 2005, which is concerned with the condition of unity and oneness Homeland.

Concern for the spiritual state of mind not only stop the people of Indonesia, but also the world community that poured forth by the founding Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with the United Nations - Department of Public Information since December 15, 2006) as the Centre for Holistic Health and Meditation since 1991.
Love is the Only Solution is the only way in which Anand Krishna in response to life in this world to realize an enlightened society through InnerPeace, CommunalLove, and GlobalHarmony in One Earth, One Sky and One Humanity (One Earth One Sky, One Humankind )


Anand was educated in Lucknow, North India. There he met his first spiritual teacher, Baba Sheikh. Works as an ice vendor, the Saints are just not recognized by the people who live around it. But he played an important role in the process of "birth" of Anand Krishna who was already very familiar with the poetry and Sufi teachings written by Shah Abdul Latif of Sindh, through his father, Tolaram.

It works while you study. Anand Krishna earned his Master's degree from the University of Southern Pacific, the United States, and never reach the peak of his career as a Director and Shareholder of a Garment company in Indonesia, until he fell ill. According to the Medical diagnosis showed Leukemia in an advanced stage. This happened in 1991. When he was 35 years, Anand has faced death threats before his eyes.

After months of suffering, mysteriously he met a Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas and was miraculously cured of his illness. Then Anand decided to devote his life to sharing his joy, peace, love and holistic health.

Productive writers

In the past 15 years, Anand Krishna has spoken to millions of people through television, radio talks, meditation training, publishing of books, newspaper interviews and various newspaper articles, as well as through meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram, Sunter and Center Training One Earth, two meditation training centers were established by him in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta and the other in the cool mountain area in Bogor.

Since the first book published in 1997, up to now there are more than 150 titles of books have been published and more than half a million copies sold well all over Indonesia. The numbers prove the proverb that says, "Half of the world population does not know what was happening in the other hemisphere."

Besides writing books, Anand Krishna also regularly writes for the newspaper Kompas, Indonesia's National Daily English-language The Jakarta Post, Daily Times and Daily Radar Bali Bali. Articles and writings are also published by international media net, such as Expert Author, Commonground News, etc..

Bhakti day For you Mother Earth

Since 1991, Anand Krishna always organizes cultural events featuring local arts and arts-national Indonesia on 1 September as a tribute to the country of Indonesia, which is symbolized in the form of Mother Earth. These events are always held to remind the nation of Indonesia will all his self-identity, to his-Indonesia.

Since 1 September 2005, one national organization that was initiated by Anand Krishna, the National Integration Movement of National Integration held the First National Symposium, which was officially opened by Minister of Defence, Juwono Sudarsono, Governor of Defense Muladi, SH and the Governor of Jakarta Sutiyoso. National symposium was also attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid-4 or Gus Dur, and national figures Siswono Yudohusodo.

On the same day, Juwono decided to declare September 1 as the Day of Bhakti For you Mother Earth. The declaration was intended as an attempt to regrow the spirit of unity and love for Mother Earth, who was then in decline due to the excessive fanaticism and urgently needed to avoid disintegration of the nation at large, and much of it aimed to revive the glory of the Indonesian people in world civilization.
So, since then, on 1 September, which is also the anniversary of Anand Krishna is celebrated as the Day of Bhakti For you Mother Nature as the embodiment of Bhakti and love to the children of Mother Earth. NIM or the National Integration Movement Day is always commemorated the tradition of Bhakti For you Mother Earth every 1st of September by holding a National Symposium in Bali (2006), the National Symposium on the Monas-Jakarta (2007), the National Concert for Mother Earth in Bali (2008), Gema Peace - Love Mother Earth antidote Ciawi Terrorism (2009).

Speakers at the Earth Dialogues 2008 Brazil

In the city of Belo Horizonte - Brazil took place on Water Planet Earth Dialogues (Dialogos da Terra no Planeta Aqua) on 26-28 November 2008 in which Anand Krishna was invited as a speaker who presented the study of the Water of Life, Wisdom of the Ancients - In Pursuit of the Indigenous Wisdom of Sundaland and South America to Save the Planet Out, a spiritual assessment of the importance of water for human life on this planet is based on indigenous culture. He presented some of the points included in the Minas Gerais Charter at the end of this event. One of them is this: In order that we all do not see water as a commodity but as a gift of natural beauty.

Ambassador of the World's Parliament of Religion

Since August 2009, Anand Krishna with Maya Safira Muchtar officially appointed as the Ambassador of Indonesia to the forum Parliament of the World's Religions.Mereka attend as a speaker at this forum in 2009 which was held in the city of Melbourne, Australia from the date of December 3 to 9 2009, describing the theme of "appreciation and Cultivating Unity (Unity in Diversity) and Pancasila to Overcome Religious Radicalism in Indonesia".

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