Anne Ahira-World Internet Marketer

Anne Ahira-World Internet Marketer
Anne Ahira

At the age of 25 years, his income was thousands of dollars. Women who always claim to 'the village' works from his home in the suburbs of London to develop an international business based internet marketing. He aspires to be 'retired' before the age of 30 years.

Anne Ahira, his name. In the online world, he was renowned as a world-class successful internet marketer. He is coauthor of the book 30 Days To Internet Marketing Success. This book is written by 60 authors who have a choice of internet marketers from around the world - renowned as the best internet marketing book of the year 2003. This book sales turnover reached more than 340,000 dollars in just a span of less than four months.

Ahira also been interviewed by Vision Marketing Advance America on "Internet Marketing Prophecies". The company chose only eight of the best internet marketers around the world. Ahira is the only representative of the Asia Pacific region and the only woman selected for this interview. The interviews are then sold at Vision Marketing Advance America for 97 dollars per copy.

In addition, Ahira is founder of Elite Team International, and that makes the Elite Team System. Less than four months, members have spread to five continents. Ahira masterminded marketing strategy for the 1000 Elite Team members are now scattered in 84 countries.

"Those who are members of International Elite Team depend on me for their marketing strategy. So I have a technician to help me. But if they do not have a system, then he can do alone," said Ahira.

Ahira also routinely made to newsletter. Newsletter contains tips on internet marketing strategy is read by 14 000 internet marketing professionals are spread across 120 countries. And recently, Ahira elected to "12 World's Super Affiliate" in 2004 (see

Village people

The story of a girl graduate Foreign Language High School Bandung Yapari gives inspiration to many people. Even some who want to follow in his footsteps. Ahira is not the heir of a conglomerate or a business office in a large company in skyscraper buildings. He is also not a graduate business school abroad. All he did was run a internet marketing via a computer in his home in Banjaran, Bandung regency.

In addition to acquiring a large income, he still had plenty of time to play at any time, shopping, watching his favorite in the movies, eating at a cafe or restaurant in London with friends or family, including playing in the Time Zone. All that can be done because he did not need to be bound at the office, which is important to access the internet.

Success will not come to reap thousands of dollars just like that. He studied business internet marketing is autodidact and of course through a process of trial and error that is quite exhausting and spend a lot of money gained from the activity of teaching English while still a student at Bandung STBA.

Anne Ahira or familiarly called Ahira / Hira, born 28 November 1979. He was the second of three brothers pair Asiah Hj and H Aas Sobur Sodikin. All the sisters. Ahira Personal philosophy: "The true wealth is what it is I, not what I had."

Since elementary school she was independent and help parents selling fried bananas or ice. If you go to school, he brought a big bag of three pieces, one for the books, and two for selling bananas. He always says the same her mother, when she grew up, he did not want to work to accomplish, he would work at home, allowed vacation anytime, around the world, where aja may, in much money.

Hearing his words, his mother often yelled, "Do not dream, if you have a factory Mr. maybe you'll like it, but your father just ordinary factory workers, and your Mama handyman just a hodgepodge. If you want to live better, learn to be a right and be smart. " That was the word that is often asked his mother.

Hira her mother's advice was to make learning truly at school, so often the champion class. His mother used to say that he wanted to travel the world, he must know English. Therefore, it Hira started learning English since primary school by attending various courses, one course in the Netherlands. At that time the people in his village a strange judge. To learn what the UK? They thought it was just a waste of money. But he always thought it was the capital to travel around the world.

Achieved through a variety of certificates of foreign language courses, such as German and English. Not only that, dozens of other certificates of the course in accounting, computers, drawing, sports, and much more. So much, he can not remember anymore, what are the courses that had attended.

Hira actually aspire to go to school in Germany, but because his parents just a factory employee and sellers gado-gado, the dream becomes elusive. He then attended the College of Foreign Languages ​​(STBA) in Bandung and graduated cum laude in less than three years.

Since the college level one, Hira teach part time. However, after the two, it is often contracted by the textile companies, such as Pan Asia Textile, KTSM, Kukje-Adetex, Korin, Hanil Global Textile Industry, and many other companies teaching the Indonesian language for their foreign employees.

He also taught the children of these employees are studying in International School. He taught mathematics, science, drawings, as well as English for Indonesia. Any teaching, then he paid between Rp 75,000 to Rp 150,000 per hour.

Large enough to measure student and every month he could produce 1,000 U.S. dollars. But before teaching, he also worked as a side, a cleaning service, even once sold a story book for children. At that time, he walked around from house to house. Until finally coming to the house, and a mother offered him, than he was during the hot streets and around, it's better to teach children English. Since then he became a teacher.

Introducing the First

At college he had time to think, perhaps teaching is a way of life. But in her heart she used to say that the brain can actually be used more than just teaching.

Until one day at lunch, brother-in-law told me that there was a boy aged 17 years who earn thousands of dollars from the internet. In fact, her brother did not know what the internet is like, even now he does not know how to send or create e-mail. He only knew one site: Brother-in-law of a chicken farmer, who worked with his father to take care of other people in the kampung chicken.

Hearing the story, curiosity arises Hira, how can a 17-year-old boy can earn thousands of dollars from the internet? The next day he went to the cafe for the first time and figuring out how to make money on the internet.

In fact, back then, what is electronic mail (e-mail) was Hira had no idea. But after hearing the story at a glance, he seems determined to himself, "If a child 17 years could, then I can too!"

His friend, Didit Ahadiat, one of the students who work part time as a guard cafes (cyber cafes) was the first person who taught him how to make e-mail at Hotmail. His friend is now working as an engineer developing a Elite Team International, founded Hira.

Curiosity and evoke the spirit of learning that high self-confidence. In the cafe, he was not ashamed to ask the people who were there. He always pleaded, "Please ajarin me how to make money on the internet?". At that, almost all my friends laughed at him. They call it dreaming.

Determination and a strong desire to raise money on the intenet does not necessarily have the support. Many sad things that he went through. Almost all the people around him did not believe what he was doing. They think if it strange and crazy because they thought he was just a waste of money. In fact, her unsolved puzzles and he will not give up.

As from December 2001 Hira began his journey into "internet marketer" (seller via internet). Hobbies are reading and purchase information via the Internet also makes Hira run a successful "internet marketing".

In the first year of business, he obtained results that do not match expectations. In fact, he suffered a loss because of Hira learn about the world of internet marketing at all without a teacher.

After the ups and downs, finally in the second year, the business began to show results Ahira. In the middle of the second year, the income per month from the Internet can be compared to income of most people of Indonesia in recent years. That, too, continues to increase every month. "And I look like geometrically increasing not arithmetically," said Hira, who conceal how much money per month.

How to Make Money

According to Hira, there are many ways to earn money through cyberspace. However, he only chose to run two businesses on the internet, which is affiliate marketing and network marketing. Actually the two are not much different because both sell, but a different system of commission payments.

Through affiliate marketing, direct sales Hira did break up, so if you want to earn money should continue to sell. Any item offered, ranging from books, information, software, marketing tools, or any item that could be seen and can be sold. Hira does not sell its own goods, but as a "reseller" or helping others sell goods to earn money from commissions.

For example, if there is the author of a book or a software developer, for example, the A's call it a book with the theme of "internet marketing" or any information. The author of this orbit on the internet and opened his book to the internet affiliate marketer.

Well, the power of internet marketers around the world, including Hira, usually offered by signing up as sales reps. However, not all bids taken, usually studied in advance the contents of the book or software that is offered and the target market.

"If some is good, I just want to register as an affiliate of his," said Hira. The registration process to become a power affiliate is usually free and very simple. Just took 5 minutes to sign-up process. After that get a special URL for selling.

If successful sell books or software, can earn a commission in the amount varies. For goods that are "virtual" or can be downloaded as eBooks or Software, the commission obtained ranged from 40 to 75 percent, or as much as 38.8 to 72.75 U.S. dollars 97 U.S. dollars if his book.

For affiliate marketing, Hira has a "newsletter" is The Best Affiliate Newsletter, and is now read by 14 000 internet marketing professionals are spread across 120 countries. For network marketing, Hira has a marketing system that is Team Elite system is now used in over 50 countries.

Promising Future

Hira argues that online business is very promising and will be something even more promising than working offline. For its target market of the world.

Working offline can only do one or two jobs, unless an employee has. But if online can do 10, 30, 40 jobs, and it only requires a one time set up but can produce continuously.

For example, the Elite Team, Hira only 30 days to make a one-time training, but used one can be unlimited, and those who just received the training that it would feel like a new training. Even with the way online, Hira can teach while dozing.

Hira gave an example of how he earned money from the internet. To sell a product, he needs some time say one month. He could sell a few products in a month but he was always busy answering e-mail from a client or an elite team. So he expects to sell one product in one month. This time is used to research, create a website, marketing strategy, and others. Say for product A he set up in January, he could be, for example, 500 dollars per month. The next month he set up and sell the product B, and he can also say 500 U.S. dollars per month as well.

He was able to commission from product A which he set up the previous month and an additional of product B. And, he continues to look for another product that can be sold. So you can imagine, within a year he could sell 10 different products, at some point be able to get more than 5,000 U.S. dollars per month.

If not, the product A instead generate $ 3,000 per month after 10 months. That's why many Internet marketers who earn only a short scene a few years. That happens because they already have systems that can run its own marketing and make money month after month.

Hira is now able to go anywhere, anytime. Although he sleeps, his computer has become like a money machine. And he was sure, many people who can seem to Indonesia or even more.


According to Hira, the terms if you want to be internet marketer should have access to the internet. Understand how to operate a computer, but need not be "Savvy" or a computer expert. However, the absolute understand English because the business is run globally with no boundaries.

"Mental also must be ready, do not think earning thousands of dollars will come like magic. If you think so, then there will be times you get frustrated and give up! That's wrong," said Hira.

According to Hira, when frustrated, it's actually only a temporary defeat, should continue to do business with diligence, evaluation and learning from mistakes, and continue to "track" the right to be retired less than 5 years.

"So apart mentally ready, have a commitment to this business. No need to do this business full time, but can be used as a part-time. Just do at least one to two hours per day, from Monday to Friday, such as overtime, "Hira said.

When asked how much capital is needed, Hira said, if you want to generate thousands of dollars and retire within 3 to 4 years time, should be invested. If you want to be internet marketer, then it must be prepared to fund at least 120 U.S. dollars or about Rp 1 million per month.

Hira claims, for the first year he spent the money for a new car deer. The funds used were from salary savings in teaching English. That's because he bought a lot of unused information.

Hira also highly deplore the mentality to get the money quickly so send an e-mail spam to people. It's very annoying and very unprofessional. He is getting lots of e-mails from people who suddenly Indonesia send e-mail and ask her to do business. In the United States such a person could be sentenced to five years in prison. "But do not just because in Indonesia there is no law for the" e-mail spam ", then the person or harvesting spam-free," said Hira.

Hira had never heard of spammers who are rich or generate thousands of dollars from the internet. So a good way to learn and strive to become a professional internet marketer.

Asian Brain
Given the many trial and errors that lived during the study, Hira was intended to establish an online internet marketing school which he named "Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center". The place of informal learning about internet marketing strategy based on this website will be launched in 2005.

Through Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center, Hira expects to help small home industry or industries, professionals and people of Indonesia in general to learn about internet marketing and grow their business via the Internet.

In addition to impact is expected to open up new job opportunities, can also increase Indonesia's foreign exchange. Hira internet marketing center also hopes it can change the world the impression that Indonesia usually just cheat through the internet.

Hira was convinced internet marketing is a bright business prospects in the 21st century. Remember anyone can become an internet marketer with an investment of money is relatively cheaper than offline business. Especially if it is supported by the commitment and hard work, then success has been waiting for.

Not surprisingly, Hira revealing his friends who worked as a clerk or gas station "pizzaman" managed to become internet millionaires (in dollars) over the next 5-10 years. Not rule out future also belongs to the "village" like himself to his new internet marketing over the last two years. "My goal is 'retired' before the age of 30 years.

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