James Clerk Maxwell Biography

James Clerk Maxwell Biography
James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell (born in Edinburgh, June 13, 1831 - died in Cambridge, 15 November 1879 ) is a Scottish physicist who first wrote the laws of magnetism and electricity in mathematical formulas. In 1864, he proved that electromagnetic waves are a combination of oscillating electric and magnetic fields. Maxwell discovered that light is a form of elctromagnetic radiation. He also opened the understanding of the gas motion, by showing that the rate of the molecules in the gas depends on the temperature of each.

Famous British physicist James Clerk Maxwell is famous through the formulation of the four statements that describe the basic laws of electricity and magnetism. Both of these areas before Maxwell was under investigation for a long time and have the same note there are links between the two. However, despite the various laws of electricity and magnetism was discovered and contain the truth in some respects, before Maxwell, none of those laws that constitute a unified theory. In the four legal instruments he had formulated a concise (but have a high weight), Maxwell succeeded in precisely describing the behavior and mutual relations between the electric and magnetic fields.

That way he transformed a large number of phenomena into a single theory that can be used as a handle. Maxwell opinion has become a fad in the previous century widely in both the theory and practice of science.
The most important value of, the new Maxwell's opinion is: a lot of general equations that can occur in all circumstances. All the laws of electricity and magnetism preexisting opinion can be attributed to Maxwell, as well as a large number of other law, which was once the theory is not known.

Of opinion can be shown how Maxwell pergoyangan alternating electromagnetic field periodically is something that can happen. Motion back and forth like a pendulum is called electromagnetic waves, which, when once driven will continue to spread space. Of these opinions were able to show that the velocity of electromagnetic waves that reach approximately 300,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) per second. Maxwell knows that this is the same size as the speed of light. From this angle he correctly concluded that light itself consists of electromagnetic waves.

Thus, Maxwell opinion is not merely a basic law of electricity and magnetism, but also at the same time is a fundamental law of optics. Indeed, all previous laws known as the laws of optics can be attributed to his opinion, too many facts and relationships with the things which was not revealed.

Light visible to the eye that allows not only the type of electromagnetic radiation. Maxwell's opinion suggests that other electromagnetic waves, in contrast to the visible light in her eyes had a wavelength and frequency, may be there. These theoretical conclusions were remarkably enhanced by Heinrich Hertz, which can produce and meet the two waves are invisible to the eye that was predicted by Maxwell. Several years later, Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated that the eye invisible waves that can be used for communication without wires, so what's his name menjelmalah radio. Now, we use also for television, X-rays, gamma rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays are examples of electromagnetic radiation. Everything can be learned through the ideas of Maxwell.

Although Maxwell most prominent fame lies in his mind the great contribution in the field of electromagnetic and optics, he also made important contributions to science in terms of theories of others, including astronomy and thermodynamics (heat affairs investigation). One particular interest is the kinetic theory of gases. Maxwell realized that not all gas molecules move at equal speeds. Much slower, some faster, and some with remarkable speed. Maxwell tried special formulas show the smallest molecules move (in particular temperature) at a certain speed as well. This formula is called the "spread of Maxwell," is the formula most widely used in scientific formulas, and contains the essential meaning and benefits of each branch of physics.

Maxwell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1831. He developed an early teramatlah: at the age of fifteen years he has been able to present a scientific paper to the "Edinburgh Royal Society." He entered Edinburgh University and graduated from the University of Cambridge. Married, but childless. Maxwell is generally considered the greatest theoreticians in the field of physics in the entire period between Newton and Einstein. A brilliant career ended too soon because he died in 1879 due to attack cancer, not long after celebrating the birthday-48.

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