John S.Pemberton - The inventor of Coca Cola

John S.Pemberton - The inventor of Coca Cola

John S.Pemberton who used to be called Doc is a pharmacist living in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Born in Knoxville, Georgia in 1831, but he spent his childhood in Rome, Georgia. He developed many patent medicines recognized by the public usefulness. He found the formula of Coca-Cola on May 8, 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

After completing his studies at Southern Botanico Medical College of Georgia in 1850, Pemberton made a book about "Samuel Thomson` s Complete System of Practice ". 1855, Pemberton earned a pharmacy medicine from the University of Philadelphia. Later, he moved to Columbus, Georgia, with his wife Anna Eliza Clifford Lewis and his son Charles Ney Pemberton.

Before finding the formula of Coca Cola, in May 1862 Pemberton had a career in the military with the rank of first lieutenant in the army's unity. As squad leader, he is responsible for maintaining the city. Even in war, Pemberton was shot in the chest.

After five years of a career in the military, worked as an assistant to Dr Pemberton. Austin Walker, a psychologist. During the work, Pemberton invested all the proceeds for research and development in the field of rights of ownership of the goods or products, such as perfume oils and traditional medicines. In 1869, Pemberton moved to Atlanta Georgia, to build his business career. In the city of Atlanta, he managed to create and sell alcoholic beverages containing French Wine Coca.

However, the beverage business that offers a lot of income that does not run smoothly. Since Atlanta forbids the use of alcohol in 1885, Pemberton was forced to swap the French Wine Coca formula by removing the word French Wine. Since forbidden, cocaine is no longer the main content of Coca Cola, but was replaced with caffeine, sugar, citric acid, starch and oil fruits are still allowed. Coca Cola formula is still a secret stored neatly.

Together with his colleagues who take care of finances, Frank Robinson, Pemberton made refreshments can be enjoyed by many people. He was dispensing drinks French wine by adding sugar, citric acid, starch and oil fruits in the drink. Finally, Coca-Cola created the now popular as carbonated soft drinks in a short period.

For its main ingredient, Pemberton had to find and collect seeds from native plants cola tropical West African tree and the coca leaf from South America. Process

drying seeds and leaves of coca cola is done manually. Pemberton make the drink fresh attempt succeeded. Potion materialize as expected. Later, Robinson suggested the name Coca Cola for the potion which was immediately accepted by Pemberton. Coca Cola formula subsequently by Pemberton was named "Merchandise 7X", or abbreviated M7X and highly confidential.

In this market the beverage product, Pemberton and Robinson had to fight hard. They sell it in jars and carried around the city using a cart horse. In fact, they have to sell it for free to introduce Coca Cola. While getting a good reception from the public, but income has not increased. In the first year, sales of Coca Cola only sold about 50 million U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, Pemberton was determined if this potion should be spread widely and can be enjoyed by all people around the world.

After a year of fighting for his creation, Pemberton realized that he was an inventor. Later, he was thinking of selling this herb in the right people who can develop it according to his dream. Then he went to Asa Candler, a child's well-known merchant of Atlanta, who knew well. He sold the patent rights to manufacture Coca Cola U.S. $ 2,300 price.
After getting the herbs, Asa Candler tries to process the findings of Pemberton. After work, Candler store in an attractive container in order to invite buyers, that jars bearing the Coca Cola. Not only that, Candler also put up banners reading "Selling Coca Cola Beverages" in front of the drugstore dr. Joseph Pharmacy. In a matter of hours the drink sold. Asa Candler in 1889 by Joseph Jacob's Pharmacy stores selling Coca Cola for the first time.

In 1892, Candler decided to form The Coca Cola Company together with the relation in Atlanta Georgia. Kemudain year, 1893 Candler Coca Cola as a patented trademark. Coca Cola is not actually the first soft drink in America, but when it got a patent Coca Cola became the main beverage sold in Soda Fountain, stores soft drinks, ice cream, and so forth.

Dr. John Stith Pemberton died in 1888, at age 58, shortly after selling the potion. Now, its findings are still enjoyed by people in the world. Coca Cola now become a cultural symbol of the United States.

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