Yoshida Goro - Canon Company Founder

Yoshida was born in Hiroshima. He came to Tokyo before completing high school education and an internship at a company's repair and renovation of the movie camera and projector. During the second half of the 1920s, when Yoshida was in the late 20s, he frequently traveled to Shanghai, China to get the parts needed for the job. Shanghai, The "Leica Model II," was introduced in 1932 followed olehdebut of "CONTAX Model I" in 1933. The camera is the pride of Germany, the camera of a world empire, is considered to satisfy the needs of super camera class camera enthusiasts around the world, and received enthusiastic support.

To create a high-class camera 35mm Leica Yoshida tried to disassemble the camera to see the parts that are inside, but he was amazed that in the Leica camera no special item like a diamond in the camera. Indeed, there are passages in it were made of brass, aluminum, steel and rubber. He was furious when he learned of inexpensive materials incorporated into the camera and the price is too high.

Finally, along with sister-in-law Saburo Uchida and funded by a close friend of Uchida, their initial goal is to do research on the quality of the camera in order to create a quality camera, and then in June 1934 rather they spend the first camera that is named Kwanon.

Yoshida could make a 35 mm camera prototype range finder that is named "KWANON", taken from the name of god in Buddhism. In fact he gave the name of the lenses with the name of Kasyapa, was taken from a Buddhist disciple, Mahakasyapa.

There are three types of Kwanon camera in its ads, but none of them were found in the market. It turns out it was only three types Kwanon camera models only. There Kwanon camera Model D which was discovered in 1955, but even then mimic the Leica Camera Models II and not made by Yoshida, who the author is unknown.

In his quest for the commercialization of products Kwanon by Saburo Uchida, Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, in collaboration with Nippon Kogaku Kogyo (Japan Industrial Lenses for Nikon Company) to use a Nikkor lens to be used by Kwanon.

Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory and Nippon Kogaku made a cooperation agreement to create a "Hansa Canon" (using the Nikkor 50mm f/3.5 standard lens). Canon's first camera marketed in February l936 (some sources say is already on the market in October l935). In the manufacture of Hansa Canon, Nippon Kogaku responsible for making lenses, lens mount, optical and mechanical systems of the rangefinder viewfinder, while the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory is responsible for making the camera body including the focal-plane-shutter, rangefinder cover and assemble.

Kwanon name was later replaced with Canon, which is derived from Canon's standard for judgment, which means the script of the Bible.

When the "Hansa Canon" was released, the name of Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory was not included. Because the company does not have its own marketing network, then the firm in cooperation with Omiya Shashin Yohin Co., Ltd. (Omiya camera and accessories store). "Hansa" became a trademark of Omiya, taken from the said Agreement

Hansa, the agreement between the European Union in the Middle Ages.

In June l936, Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory moved to the area of ​​Meguro, Japan and renamed Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. This name appears in the public media in the ad "Hansa Canon" August l936, published by Asahi Camera.

During its development, the mid-1937, Canon manufactures its own lenses with SERENAR name. Then in 1942, Takeshi Mitarai friends Saburo Uchida, became president of Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. On 15 September 1947, Mitarai change its corporate name to Canon Camera Co.., Ltd. Cameras and lenses made since 1953, was named Canon.

The interesting thing from the history of the Canon, that:

The high cost of a Leica camera Goro Yoshida responded with "anger" in a positive creative. He managed to create a prototype camera Kwanon. But it proved, he was only able to make the prototype camera, but not able to "sell". Here, the role importance of marketing.

What is gained by Yoshida? Maybe it's just a pride in his Kwanon camera prototype. While others may enjoy the idea of ​​Yoshida is a person who has developed the idea into a business.

So if in the business world, it could be an originator can not take their ideas into a "profit" for him. It could be the idea was "stolen" or developed by others. Precisely one else can see "opportunities" that can be enjoyed into a "profit".

It seems that the essential have the "team work" is good in a business. An initiator, may delegate to other team members who can execute his idea, and could ask the other team members to market it.

It is not easy to build a solid teamwork. Sometimes ideas are so good, was not accepted by the other team members.

In some events wedding photography, sometimes one member of the team "forgot" the role that has been agreed in the briefing. Or even someone else, outside of the team that screwed up, to intervene on team work. Which is quite a headache, "desire" to take "advantage" of the instant work at hand, but tend not to give a good commitment to make the best of him, the consequence is very detrimental to the team, especially in order to build a reputation.

I have come across, one of the marketing firm catering job that would give us a regular basis to wedding photography without the knowledge of the catering company owner, provided that certain rupiah% must be paid to the "person" is, in secret.

Wow this is a dangerous temptation. Even with a good approximation, the attitude of our firm, we refuse to cooperate with such persons. Thank God, when we "lose the job order" of the sort before, apparently without warning, we even have a client that the job was much larger, directly from the client, so free from the "charges" irresponsible elements.

Unfortunately, such a person was actually "oppress" us by asking for a cheap price, but we do not want to provide services that are cheaper, because we produce any output at a cost that is not cheap. We provide an affordable photography service with results that satisfy the client. Our main goal is client satisfaction.

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