Mama Lauren-The Soothsayer of Indonesia

Mama Lauren
Laurentia Pasaribu or that we are familiar with the Mama Laurent Born on January 23, 1932 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and died on May 17, 2010 (age 78) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With a job as a Paranormal, Laurent mama living in Indonesia. Mama was married to Laurent Natakusuma and eventually divorced and remarried with Hendrik Pasaribu Juliet.

Mama Laurent had two children namely, Mario Lorens Natakusuma (from Natakusuma)
and Vishnu, Lauren (from Hendrik Pasaribu Juliet). While Beby Djenar an adopted son of Mama Laurent.

Mama had a father named Lau Laurent van Hooff (father) and mother Anna Breche (mother).

Life story of Mama Laurent

Mama Lauren abandoned by his mother, Anna Breche, when she was three months old. This is what makes it not quite know what kind of mother figure.

The same is felt towards the father, Lau van Hoof, who is from Belgium. He did not get too excessive affection from him. Before marrying his mother, Hoof never married and has three children. Not to mention his work as an architect makes frequent traveling to various places. Hoof had brought his family to Holland and then back again to Belgium.

In the relatively young age, Mama Lauren also lost his father. The father died from traffic accidents. He then cared for her stepmother who was none other than his aunt.

Even so, from childhood he had actually received treatment from a bloody opanya Persian-French, and omanya, Antoineta, the bloody Spanish. Of Antoineta was he got more attention. He also taught how to learn to understand life and love of neighbor. From it he learned to live and Antoineta also who know and understand about the advantages of her.

Lauren Small children are often considered weird. Excess Lauren regarded them as a curse. In fact, they often refer to it as a witch. This excess is not understood by those around him. Not a few of their peers that parents ask their children to stay away from little Lauren.

Excess Mama Lauren starts to look when she was 7 years old. At that time, World War II had just happened, exactly in 1939. Lauren who is studying in grade school I suddenly heard a voice whisper in his ear. The voice told him to get out of the classroom. The voice came again and again and faster without she knew who said it.

He had been confused. However, he then present it to his teacher. But instead of listening, the teacher even scolded him and drove him out of the classroom. Lauren small handyman accused menghayal and brag.

Not receive the treatment of those around him, little Lauren naive and innocent choose to go home in tears. He later recounted the incident to Antoineta. Price himself fall because they have to lie and play teacher. However, the moment I got home, she had wept uncontrollably upon hearing the news that her school hit by bombs and hundreds of people were killed in the incident.

According to the grandmother, Mama Lauren get his special ability is due to inherited his ancestors. Mama Lauren ancestor is the gypsy who was awarded a special talent to be able to see the future.

Mama Lauren introduction to Indonesia occurred when he was paired with a native man, Natakusuma. Mama Lauren and Nata were married in 1957. At that age a predictor of his predictions are always highly anticipated every year is only 20 years old.

A year after getting married, Mama Lauren brought to Indonesia. Lives with her husband quite apprehensive at the time. As an architect, Nata who are just starting his career, has not got too many projects.

Mama Lauren family life slowly improved after he was blessed with their first child, Mario Lorens Natakusuma. Unfortunately at the moment life has begun to enjoy delicious, Nata businesses destroyed. Their family's economy began to fall again.

Mama Lauren grief grew when on February 23, 1973 she lost her husband. Before Nata died, Mama Lauren admitted that he had got the 'vision', a year earlier. When it's Mama Lauren actually had warned her husband to check their health, but not followed.

Mama Lauren's popularity began when a newspaper asked him to fill the capital of the forecast section. From there it gets a lot of clients.

At the age of 50 years, Mama Lauren went back to find her soul mate. The man named Hendrik, and she was 15 years younger than him. Kebahagaiaan Mama Lauren was increased because her son, Mario then gave him a funny two grandchildren, Noah and Kreshna Prabwa.

Unfortunately again the happiness that should be taken away. Before the birth of his grandson, Mama Lauren got bad eyesight. He saw Mario died. And sure enough on October 4, 1985, his first son died in an accident.

Two times the loss of a loved one, Mama Lauren tried to toughen up. At that time the name was Mama Lauren skyrocketed. Clients from various backgrounds, ranging from politicians to celebrities to arrive.

Forecasts, predictions were always anticipated every year. Moreover, he was apt to predict the tsunami in Aceh. Even so Mama Lauren did not want to be called paranormal. He said that special ability is not something occult. He said again, if there is anything good or bad happens in humans, it is because of human activity itself.

Mama Lauren died at the age of 78 due to lung disease and heart problems on Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 21:37 PM in RS PGI Cikini. At the time taken to hospital Mama Lauren was experiencing shortness of breath, a bad heart condition, and the lungs fill with fluid Mama Lauren.

His body was interred in his house in Jalan Cassowary 2 2 Cipinang, East Jakarta and was buried in Menteng Pulo TPU, South Jakarta on May 18, 2010.

The death of Mama Laurent

Overlay famous interpreter Mama Lauren, who breathed his last at the PGI Cikini Hospital, Central Jakarta, began to enter the critical moment at around 19:00 on Monday. Since then, his condition is uncertain.

"I was there last meeting at seven o'clock the same evening Mama. Mama was in a state of conscious and unconscious," said the woman who claimed foster child Mama Lauren, Beby Djenar, when met at the residence of Mama Lauren, Cipinang Indah Complex, Jalan Cassowary II, Jakarta east on Tuesday (5/18/2010) morning.

Although in critical condition, Mama Lauren could still respond to Beby. "I try to chat with, Mama can still respond and smile," said Beby.

Beby up, Mama Lauren conditions are also deteriorating due to lack of food intake. "Mama did not want to eat already. Nurse was preparing food, but food was not touched. Mama tried to persuade me and nodded. Mama suapi and finally I want to eat up to four spoons," he says. "After that, Mama did not want to eat again and had had enough. So, eating is not followed," he continued.

A short time later, after feeding Mama Lauren, Beby out for a moment from the treatment room. "I have permit out, but Mama would hold my hand. Seems to have no inkling," he says again. "You see my eyes, my mother face-to-eye, it looks like there is not spoken, but the baseball out," he added.

With such conditions, eventually I'm going off his hands. "She closed her eyes and finally took off his hands, I quit. On the way out I was told that Mama was not there. That's the last minute to feed my Mama," said Beby.

Similarly, the forecaster Laurent Mama has returned to his side. May God Almighty give the appropriate place. Amen

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