Medina Kamil Life Story

Trans7 particularly loyal viewers Adventurers program traces may still remember the unfortunate events that happened long boat expedition to Papua Traces of Explorers' some time ago. One of the five crew members who joined the victim is a young female figure for the first time participated in the expedition trail Adventurers.

Medina Kamil, he's strong female figures who had tossed - tossed in the ocean Arafuru for 24 hours and stranded on an uninhabited island for 4 days. "On the island I was with the team three survivors must survive by eating anything that could be eaten even to drink just have to rely on rain water," said Medina opened the conversation.

Dina is recognized as soon as he usually called, his first trip to Papua was an experience he will never forget. But for the youngest of four brothers pleaded not cured by that experience. "My family also had to worry every time I want to travel anymore, but it was a decision I was to remain the host Trace Adventurers," I am Dina. Presenter search competition winners Trans7 adventure program is say a lot of ups and downs during his trail host Adventurers "Sukanya I can walk free of charge to the entire country while the grief when I'm bored on the go," said Dina.

For girls who like spicy food, the hope in the future he could become a better presenter as to become a powerful presenter who was not as easy as people think. Dina Ok see you in your next trip

1. Full Name: Medina Kamil
2. Nickname: Dina
3. Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, 6 April
4. Stars (zodiac): Aries
5. Height / Weight: 168 cm / 55 kg
6. Status: Single
7. Hobbies: Walking, Watching Movies & Read Book
8. Name of Parent: H. Kamil Syueb (late) & Hj. Annisyah
9. Education: Faculty of Law, University of Pancasila
10. Favorite Sport: Swimming
11. Favorite Food: Tempe and spicy
12. Motto of life: Nothing is impossible if we try

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