Riyanni Djangkaru-Presenter Jejak Petualang Indonesia

Riyanni Djangkaru-Presenter Jejak Petualang
Riyanni Djangkaru

Riyanni Djangkaru (born in Bogor, West Java, January 31, 1980, age 32 years) known as the presenter of the program Traces of Explorers' which aired on TV7 (now Trans7).


The first child of four brothers became famous since become a presenter footprint impressions Adventurers TV7 years 2002 to 2006. Riyanni increasingly popular in the mid-2005, because the virus spreads and infects the names of many computers.

Graduates of the Faculty of Law, University of Bogor Pakuan is now still working in television though no longer be the presenter of "Traces of Adventurers". Riyanni seen in Trans 7 in the "Editor of Morning" as the presenter of "Morning Way" and Sportawa.
Initially women bleed and Palembang Garut wanted to be a news presenter. Although vacancies for sports presenter has passed, Riyanni still submit an application. After setting aside hundreds of people, women with 168 cm height was also lined up to be a presenter Trace Adventurers.

Deni Priawan Riyanni married in February 2006. From this marriage, they have had a son, Ahmad Brahman dynasty.

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