Mikhail Kalashnikov-Maker AK-47

Mikhail Kalashnikov-Maker AK-47
Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mikhail Kalashnikov (AK-47 maker) born 10 November 1919 in the village of Kurya, the Soviet Union from poor peasant families. At the age of 19 years, Kalashnikov participated conscription and joined the Tank Regiment-24, the 12th Tank Division where he finished school and became a tank mechanic, driver mechanic tank and reached the rank of senior sergeant (tank commander). On October 1941, in a fierce battle in Bryansk, Kalashnikov was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized.

When in the hospital this time he had the idea to design a rifle submesin. Kalashnikov as a designer the ability to invite attention. He had worked at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Beginning in 1942, Kalashnikov worked in Central Research Small Arms Range of the Main Ordnance Directorate of the Red Army.

At the same time, Soviet troops are interested in developing an effective assault rifle that is shorter M1943 round. The first weapon that presented by Sudayev in 1944, but in testing the weapon was too heavy. A new design competition was held two years later where Kalashnikov and the design team participated in the competition.

For several years Kalashnikov continues to work to realize the design by improving and combining the various elements of automatic weapons and assault rifles that have been there at that time. The first innovation is the use of short bullet 7.62 × 39 mm. "It's small and compact," said Paul Cornish, a curator of weapons at the Imperial War Museum, London, England. Choice of gas can also be used as a driving force of this weapon. Gas can be recycled into the piston and is used for charging the next bullet. So the gun was working on the same principle as it mesin.Kedua rifle, plus a very simple design is a genius Kalashnikov.Sampai later in the year 1947 was born the AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova model of stands for 1947).

In 1949, AK-47 rifle into the Soviet Red Army standards. During the Cold War, the AK-47 (Kalashnikov and the next generation, AKM) is used by communist forces around the world. Soviet is supplying these weapons to militant groups and leftist guerrillas that support Soviet interests.

Until now the AK-47 became the most popular weapon in the world. An estimated 100 million AK-47 circulating in the world. However, Kalashnikov said he did not earn money from this, only income derived from pensions.

Kalashnikov has created a weapon with a simple design, easy to mass-produced, easy to use even by untrained troops without losing the ability to turn off. These properties make the AK-47 became effective and reliable weapon for the paramilitary and the urban warfare.

AK-47 became a symbol of the revolution and even some countries to include a picture AK-47 as part of the state emblem. Kalashnikov's name is also used for various items such as umbrellas, knives and vodka.

Kalashnikov is often asked whether he felt guilty the creations are used in a variety of bloody conflict. But he hedged by saying, "My goal is to create a weapon to defend my homeland. Not my fault if the Kalashnikov became famous in the world and used in conflict areas. Who should be blamed are those countries are not weapons designers. " He also said that he did not know how can there be creation of weapons in the hands of terrorists and bandits. He was proud of his work although he admitted that he would be happier if I could make a machine that can help farmers, such as lawn mowers.

AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 stands. 47 is the year in which the weapons were made. This weapon is legendary, is very popular with both soldiers, militants, gangsters, terrorists or thieves though. How is it, this gun is very easy to use even children can operate this weapon. AK-47 is very tough to use in any war, even though these weapons are still filled with sand to get out when the bullets were fired, although it is also filled Mud guns can still be fired. Even in sebauh articles written during the Cold War, 9 of 10 people were killed because of this, hit by bullets. This is the real weapons of mass destruction. AK-47 prices are also very cheap, probably as valuable as the price of a bottle of brandy quality.

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