Mohammed VI of Morocco Biography

Mohammed VI of Morocco Biography
Mohammed VI of Morocco

King Mohammed VI or known by King Muhammad bin al-Hassan is the current King of Morocco. He was crowned king in 1999.

Royal Pedigree

King Mohammed VI was born in Rabat (Morocco on August 21, 1963 as the second son of King Hassan II and partner Lalla Latifa Hammou from an important Berber family. Before appearing as king, he bears the title of Crown Prince. He received a royal crown on July 23, 1999 after his father died. young king was soon known as the modern generation who led the constitutional monarchy. King Mohammed VI Prime Minister's office sparked Moroko.
Shortly after ascending the throne, King Mohammed VI spoke on the condition of the state television and promised to eliminate and deal with corruption and create jobs and improve the handling of human rights. Mohammed VI is generally opposed by the conservative Islamic movement. Support for political pluralism has raised the ire of some of the fundamentalists.

Majesty King Mohammed VI has a brother named Prince Moulay Rachid and three sisters respectively, Princess Lalla Meryem, Princess Lalla Asma, Princess Lalla Hasna and. King Mohammed VI married Salma Benani (Princess Lalla Salma) is a computer engineer from Fez, Rabat on March 21, 2002. Princess Lalla Salma was soon given his daughter after the wife of the king. The royal family has a child that is Crown Prince Moulay Hassan was born on May 8, 2003.

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