Tim Hwang - Korean Singer Artists

Tim Hwang - Korean Singer Artists
Hwang Young-Min (Hangul: 황영민; born December 23, 1981), known by his stage name Tim (Hangul: 팀), is a Korean American singer k-pop ballads. The songs are mostly about unrequited love or parted lovers. He had come into the spotlight as the next successor of male ballad singer in South Korea after Shin Seung Hun and Lee Seung-Hwan. The team has participated as a producer and also a designer album for his third album. Born from a Christian family in Philadelphia, with his father as pastor for a local church, Tim exposed to the environment since the early music as a child. In the church of his father, he naturally learned to play various instruments like the saxophone and piano. Throughout his childhood, Tim pursued musical activities in both school and church, as a member of the church choir and saxophone player in the school jazz band. However, until he was picked up by the entertainment agency, he never thought of becoming a professional singer.

During his high school career, Tim also modeled and acted. Before her debut singing, however, Tim is responsible for the Korean MTV program called "World Team" (starting on December 2, 2002) which showed a documentary on the street and fight the new singer like him. Tim Hwang, who are familiar with some of his songs like 'I Love You' (duet with Astrid, "Unnecessary Words" (Dj Secret Garden) or 안되니 / Can not it be me? (Dj 49 Days). In connection with the release of album debut in Indonesia as well as promotion for the drama 'saranghae-I Love You', starring him along Revalina S. Temat, Tim Hwang found time to talk and not just a story about the filming and promotion of the album, Tim also shared stories about his youth to become a singer and actors as they are now. story is told as the team said that at age 20, Tim was approached by a Korean pop music producer (the son of a fellow church member). After listening to the tape, has requested that the team flew to Korea to audition to make his debut as a full pop singer in Korea. Although he and his family have a very conservative background, Tim decided to fly to Seoul alone for the first time, gave his life as a student and try his hand at a Korean pop singer. Having never visited Korea until he graduated high school , Tim spent the first two years in Korea focuses on learning the Korean language and prepare for his debut as a singer. While training for her debut album, Tim was very lucky to have met Yoon Sang, one of the best songwriters in Korea and also a great senior and mentor as a singer . Yoon Sang wrote "사랑 합니다 (I Love You)," a gentle ballad that matches sound and image of the perfect team. team is supported by Yoon Sang in creating a musical style, and his debut album (released April 21, 2003 by Yejeon Media) received a good response. Tim started getting great recognition in the local pop music market when senior ballad singer Shin Seung Hun as a positive comment on the music team. Second album Second Breath is able to reflect the success of his first album with the hits "Gomawottago ... (I Was Thankful) "and" Iyagi (story). "He has appeared in a number of various Korean shows like Love Letter, X-Man, Star Golden Bell, and Heroine 6. Not many people know if it was Tim Hwang offered to attend the show 'We Got Married' The first season, but because the concepts and preoccupations had to offer was rejected. Finally Tim was replaced by Alex Clazziquai is then paired with Shin Ae.

When KI asked, if given the opportunity to follow the show 'We Got Married', Tim Hwang had hesitated before choosing her partner decide SNSD Tiffany. Tim admitted quite close to Tiffany and Sooyoung SNSD so felt it would be nice if it followed the WGM with one of them. Tim Hwang prefer the left side of his face. Plus the dimples on the left cheek and jaw line firm, Tim feel more confident if photographed from the left side. Not unexpectedly, although the status of the artist, Tim was often afraid of being photographed. He often felt self-conscious when photographed as many say he was different between the image and the original (both really cute ^ ^) Tim was born in Philadelphia on December 23, 1981 and grew up in the church. Her father is a pastor and the church, team play various musical instruments like the saxophone. During school he grew to love jazz and then classical music. When he joined the agency in Korea, the genre of 'ballad' assessed in accordance with the gentle sound team. Two years as a trainee and learn Korean, team debut in 2003 as a ballad singer. Although praise until nicknamed 'Prince of Ballad', Tim would still like to try different genres of music he had learned and liked. Ten-year career as a singer in Korea, Tim released several full length album and single. He is also active in the theme song to fill a variety of popular drama. The team recognizes ten years of his career gives a lot of changes in her life. He was no longer afraid of failure and change for the better. Tim who is shy of a team that actively socialize with new people he meets every day. He endlessly thankful for his success. God is the source of inspiration and strength to be in a position like this.

He felt that God determines every step of his life to be a career in Indonesia. In his first album in Indonesia, 'Saranghamnida', a duet with Tim Astrid. When asked where the best songs he liked and recommend, Tim took a long time to think and decide. After a long time, he also chose No.7 track 'Never Forget' by reason of this very beautiful song with piano accompaniment. He felt the emotions contained in this song, accompanied by piano music, very large. Certainly be great if the song is enjoyed in leisure time, rather than in a crowd. In this song there are also songs Indonesian version of the song 'Bad Love' property, the 'bitterness of Asmara'.

If you listen, Indonesian pronunciation is very good team. Though he only got a minute to practice Indonesian loh. ya great .... Not only that, he also wanted to write a special song for the fans in Indonesia. Well, like what? ^ ^ Releasing the album in Indonesia, Tim certainly hope that this album was well received and positively by the public. Not only in the high sales or popularity (remember the team has felt the popularity in Korea as well) but the team hopes the messages carried in each song, get to the heart and touches the hearts of their listeners. The team emphasized that this is not just about the material, but also a personal relationship with music lovers. Talked about the experience of filming in Bali, many memories are recorded in its memory. When shooting a scene swimming in the sea, he felt a little scared because they do not know what's underneath.

In addition, filming in the countryside in Bali also gives a lot of good memories. For him, Bali is very special. Wonder why the team had very tasty banana Bali and his comments about the durian is the word 'interesting' dikulum spliced ​​with a smile. It seems he was quite surprised with the flavor and aroma of durian and 'lawar' (traditional Balinese food) which leaves a unique taste on her tongue. Addition to a lack of food, hot weather in Bali is in contrast to the cold weather in Korea could give him a hard time. Moreover, there are some scenes where she wore a wig and false beard. Of course it is not easy. But the team acknowledges the support of family and closest people, plus a good relationship with all the cast and production team to make it stronger through all of the filming process and the difficulties they experienced.

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