Haji Bodong - Betawi Cultural Artists

Haji Bodong - Betawi Cultural Artists

Indonesia comedy world mourned the death of Haji Bodong, Masks Artist Betawi Betawi well as senior comedian who breathed her last at around 7:30 pm in his home village of Hamlet Road, RT 001, RW 007, Kramatjati, East Jakarta. Earlier Haji Bodong was treated at the Police Hospital, Kramatjati, East Jakarta, Friday (13/04/2012) and because the condition of his health declined rapidly. Her condition later improved and brought back to the house and ten days at home he died.

Haji Bodong struggle for nearly three years of fighting her illness was over already. Before death, the deceased who had played in the serial Si Doel Anak School is indeed suffered a serious illness and looks very thin. Two years later he could not even move and just lay on his bed because of complications of his disease is lung pain, sugar and severe shortness of breath. Haji Bodong who was born and raised in Jakarta, and settled in the village of Hamlet nearly half his life, making the Hajj Bodong so proud of its status as the Son of Betawi. In old age Haji Bodong still channeling his hobby is also supporting his family as an economic player and occasional fill Lenong comedy show on television. Haji Bodong was pleased that he brings Bodong called hockey. A man is known by the white hair is a type of a person of few words and very disciplined if it works. Haji Bodong typical quiet, quiet joy and discipline him at all, never joked when waiting for acting and was always joking when it's over acting.

The father of two children and grandfather of four grandchildren had never felt a headache thinking about the material. He was quite grateful for his humble and simple, as the name suggests is only one word, bulging. Haji Bodong told that he had departed from the group Mask Bokir Lenong together and the result is also indeterminate. Haji Bodong departure left a deep dukaa not only for his extended family, but also friends and lovers of Betawi culture. Betawi comedian is known as someone who has a high awareness of the Betawi culture and arts. He was a teacher for the artist during his lifetime Betawi and never got tired of Haji Bodong remind the younger generation to get involved in the preservation of culture and art as Lenong Betawi. These messages also continue to he made when he was lying ill in hospital.

He always talked about Lenong though ill still just thinking about art. The plan Haji Bodong The soap star 'Si Doel Anak School' and 'Pepesan Empty' will be buried in TPU Pekayon Gandaria, a cemetery which is located not far from his residence, in the village of Hamlet, Kramatjati, East Jakarta.

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