Profile Bernazir Endang Limbad Magician

Endang Bernazir middle busy talking and a lot of people who suspect that the initials BE Limbad affair was Benazir Endang. His real name was Benazir Endang Budiyanti, Banazir Endang was allegedly in the name of a woman who was mistress Limbad Master Magician Debus. However, the allegations were not managed well from Limbad clarified itself and also of the wife Susi Limbad Indrawati. Unable to bear the treatment Limbad increasingly blatant cheating and "fornicate" with Benazir Endang, making Susi Indrawati reported that her husband magician, Limbad for alleged adultery with Endang Bernazir aka BE. Limbad subject to Article 284 of the Criminal Code on adultery and threatened nine months imprisonment. Susi in the report include the marriage certificate as proof of her numbered 418/07/XII/1995 is Limbad legal wife.

 Date of incident alleged adultery with BE reported Limbad Susi since January 19, 2012 at the two crime scenes (the scene) the Global Mansion, Tangerang and Iris Residence, South Jakarta. Susi also includes four witnesses in the incident. "Witness the complainant has been checked in the case of alleged adultery committed by her husband. In the summons, we asked the complainant witnesses to come at 10:00 am, but it just came at 14.00 pm. We checked out for two hours," said Head of Sub Renata AKBP Hando Wibowo Friday (14/09). During the two-hour examination, claiming it gives 24 questions to Susie who report Limbad with Article 284 of the Criminal Code on adultery.

In essence, Susi convey a problem in the household. "Only the initial examination only. Material is still general examination," he said. Limbad grim-faced magician finally clarify the accusations of his wife, Susi about adultery. He claimed to have married a woman named Bernazir siri Endang it. In fact, he admitted that he had talked to Susie. However, Limbad seemingly got permission from the mother of three children was. Seeing this, any excuse Limbad Susi report to the Jakarta Police on charges of adultery were addressed to him. "I understand that Susie was furious. But, in fact desire to polygamy ever uttered. In fact, I was ready with all the risks, "he said when met at Blok M, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/09/2012). According Limbad, accusations of adultery is wrong. Because she had married a siri Bernazir Endang." I do not commit adultery, I had siri marriage with him, "he said.

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