Dahlan Iskan Life Story

Dahlan Iskan (born in Magetan, East Java, August 17, 1951, age 61 years), is the CEO of Jawa Pos newspaper and Jawa Pos Group, based in Surabaya. He is also the Director of PLN since December 23, 2009.  On October 19, 2011, relating to reshuffle the United Indonesia Cabinet II, Dahlan Iskan was appointed as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Mustafa Abubakar replaces.


Early career

Dahlan Iskan's career began as a candidate for a small newspaper reporter in Samarinda, East Kalimantan in 1975. In 1976, he became a journalist Tempo magazine. Since 1982, Dahlan Iskan lead Jawa Pos newspaper today.

Jawa Pos

Dahlan Iskan is a figure that makes the Jawa Post, who was near death with a circulation of 6000 ekslempar, within 5 years of being a newspaper with a circulation of 300,000 copies. Five years later formed Jawa Pos News Network (JPNN), one of the biggest newspaper network in Indonesia, which has 134 newspapers, tabloids, and magazines, as well as 40 network printing in Indonesia. In 1997 he successfully established Graha Pena, one of the skyscrapers in Surabaya, and then a similar building in Jakarta. In 2002, he founded a local TV station JTV in Surabaya, Batam TV followed in Batam and Riau TV in Pekanbaru.

Fangbian Iskan Corporindo (FIC)

Since early 2009, Dahlan was a Commissioner of PT Fangbian Iskan Corporindo (FIC), which will begin construction of Submarine Cable Communication Connection (SKKL) this summer. SKKL will connect Surabaya in Indonesia and Hong Kong, with a length of 4300 kilometers of optical fiber.

Electricity firms (PLN)

Since late 2009, Dahlan was appointed managing director Fahmi Mochtar PLN replace the much criticized for his leadership during the power failure occurred in the Jakarta area. Since lead PLN, Dahlan made some breakthrough such as Indonesia byar pet-free in 6 months, everyday movements million connections. Dahlan also plans to build solar on 100 islands in 2011. Earlier, in 2010 PLN has successfully built PLTS on 5 islands in eastern Indonesia, namely Banda Island, Bunaken Manado, Derawan East Kalimantan, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, and Citrawangan.

Minister for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs Minister)

On October 17, 2011, Dahlan Iskan appointed as successor of Minister of State in pain. He sniffed and moved so he was called to be the minister of state for his weight left PLN which he was at the peak of the spirit to reform PLN.
Dahlan implement some programs that will run in the management of SOEs. The main program is an asset restructuring and downsizing (depreciation amount) a business entity. About the restructuring is still awaiting approval from the Minister of Finance.

Some performance highlighted. Dahlan failed to bring the five state-owned companies to release IPO (initial public offering / IPO) on the stock exchange. a Meanwhile, thanks to his leadership, the state assessed net of corruption by the public is also a state-owned building performance and success.

Personal life

Dahlan Iskan raised in view of the condition of the rural underprivileged. Her parents do not remember what date Dahlan born. Dahlan finally chose on 17 August for reasons easy to remember because it coincided with the commemoration of Indonesian independence.
Dahlan Iskan once wrote a book called Change Hearts in 2008. This book is about the experience Dahlan Iskan in liver transplant operations in China.
Aside from being the leader of Jawa Pos Group, Dahlan is also the president of two private power companies: PT Light Fajar Kaltim in East Kalimantan and PT Prima Electric Power in Surabaya.