Umar bin Khattab Life Story

Umar bin Khattab bin Nafiel bin Abdul Uzza or better known as Omar bin Khattab (581 - November 644) (Arabic: عمر ابن الخطاب) was one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad who was also the second caliph of Islam (634-644). Umar also was among four people who were classified as Caliph Caliph who were given instructions (four caliphs).

Umar was born in Mecca from the tribe of Bani Adi, one of the groups Quraysh tribe, the largest tribe in the city of Mecca at the time. His father was Khattab ibn Al Shimh Nufail Al Quraisyi and mother Hantamah binti Hashim. Umar had a nickname given by Muhammad, Al-Faruk which means people can distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Umar families belonging to a middle class family, he could read and write, which in those days was something rare. Umar was also known for his strong physique where he was a champion wrestler in Mecca.

Before embracing Islam, Umar was a very respected and honored by the people of Mecca, as is the tradition carried on by the ignorance of Mecca at the time, Umar also buried her alive as part of a custom implementation of Mecca are still barbarians. After embracing Islam under Muhammad, Umar reportedly regretted his actions and realizes his folly when it's narrated in a hadith "I cried when digging a grave for my daughter. Him forward and then combing my beard."
Umar also known as a heavy drinker, some records say that in pre-Islamic, Umar like to drink wine. After becoming a Muslim, he does not touch alcohol at all, although it has not revealed the prohibition to drink alcohol (intoxicating) firmly.

When Muhammad spread Islam openly in Mecca, Umar reacted very antipathy to it, some records say that Muslims as it recognizes that Omar is the best their opponents into account, this is because Umar who already has an excellent reputation as a strategist and war a soldier who is tough on every battle he went through. Umar was also noted as the most numerous and most often uses his powers to torture followers of Muhammad.

At the height of hatred against the teachings of Muhammad, Umar decided to try to kill Muhammad, but when on his way he met one of his followers named Nu'aim Muhammad bin Abdullah who then gave him the news that my sister Umar had embraced Islam, the teachings brought by Muhammad who want killed at that time. Because of the news, Umar was shocked and went home with the intent to punish his brother, narrated that Umar met his sister had been reading the Qur'an (letter Thoha verses 1-8), he grew angry and beat of it sister. When he saw his sister bleeding by the blow he was sorry, and then requested that the text he could see, Umar is reported to be shocked by what he read, some time after the incident stated that Umar Islam, of course, things that have always made ​​membelanyani almost the whole of Mecca surprised because someone famous and most strongly against the most cruel in torturing the followers of Muhammad later embraced the hated it, consequently excluded from the association Mecca Umar and he became less or no longer respected by the Quraish leaders who is known for always defend.

Life in Medina

In the year 622 AD, Umar was with Muhammad and other Muslims emigrated (migration) (to Yathrib (now Medina). He was also involved in the battle of Badr, Uhud, Khaybar and the attack on Syria. In the year 625, his daughter (Hafsah) married Prophet Muhammad. he is regarded as one of the most respected by the Muslims at that time because in addition to his reputation which is well known since pre-Islamic, but also because he was known as the front man who always defend Muhammad and Islam at every opportunity he even without doubt against his old comrades with whom he once tortured his followers joined Muhammad.

Death of Muhammad

At the time of Muhammad's death on June 8, 632 CE (12 Rabiul Awal, 10 Hijri) in Madinah until the Muslims as a whole, Umar rumored as one of the most shaken up over the incident, they are blocking anyone bathe or prepare his body for burial. As a result of the shock he received, Umar insisted that Muhammad was not dead but only unconscious, and would return any time.
Abu Bakr heard the news rushed back from Medina, he met Umar was holding other Muslims and then say (| cquote!: "Gentlemen! Anyone want to worship Muhammad, Muhammad has died. But whoever would worship God, God lives always never die. "! |)
Abu Bakr reminded the Muslims that are shaken, including Umar then, that Muhammad, like them, was an ordinary man, Abu Bakr then recited verses from the Qur'an and try to remind them to return to the teachings of Muhammad taught that mortal creatures created. After the incident Umar gave in and let the preparation for burial implemented. heaven forbid

The period of the Caliphate of Abu Bakr

During the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Umar is one of the advisers of his head. After the death of Abu Bakr in 634, Umar appointed to replace Abu Bakr as caliph second in the history of Islam.

Became caliph

During the reign of Umar, the rule of Islam is growing very rapidly. Islam took over most of Mesopotamia and Persia from the hands of the Persian Sassanid dynasty (which ended his Sassanid empire) and take over Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa and Armenia from the Roman Empire (Byzantium). At that time there were two superpower, namely the Persian and Roman. But both have been conquered by the Islamic Caliphate led by Umar.

History records many great battles that became the beginning of this conquest. In the battle of Yarmuk, which took place near Damascus in 636, 20 thousand Muslim troops defeated a Roman army reached 70 thousand and end of Roman rule in the southern part of Asia Minor. Islamic forces in small amounts to get the victory over the Persians in larger quantities at the battle Qadisiyyah (old 636), near the Euphrates. In battle, the general Islamic forces that Sa `ad ibn Abi Waqqas defeated the Sassanid Persians and killed the famous generals, Rustam Farrukhzad.
In the year 637, after a long siege against Jerusalem, the Muslims eventually take over the city. Umar given the key to the city by Sophronius, and invited the pastor to pray in the church (Church of the Holy Sepulchre). Umar chose to pray elsewhere so as not to harm the church. 55 years later, the Mosque of Umar was set in place his prayers.

Umar did a lot of administrative reform and control of close to public policy, including building administration system for the newly conquered areas. He also ordered a census held throughout the Islamic empire. In 638, he was ordered to expand and renovate the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. He also began the process of codification of Islamic law.

Umar is known of his simple life style, rather than adopt the lifestyle and the appearance of the rulers in that era, he remains a very simple life.

In about the year to 17 Hijri, the fourth year his caliphate, Umar decreed that the Islamic calendar should be counted from when the event moved.


Umar bin Khattab was killed by Abu Lukluk (Fairuz), a fanatical slave when he will lead the Fajr prayer. Fairuz was the Persians who converted to Islam after Umar conquered Persia. The murder was allegedly motivated personal vendetta Abu Lukluk (Fairuz) to Umar. Fairuz was hurt over the defeat of the Persians, who was a superpower, by Umar. This event happened on Wednesday, 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 23 H/644 M. After his death the position held by the Caliph Uthman.

During Umar Umar is alive will leave the

If you find a blemish on someone and you would be berated, then cacilah you. Because celamu more from him.

If you want to antagonize someone, then musuhilah your stomach first. Since there is no enemy more dangerous to you than the stomach.

If you want to praise someone, praise God. Because no human being more in giving you softer and more polite to you than Allah.
If you want to leave something, then leave worldly pleasures. Because if you leave it, it means you are commendable.

When you are getting ready for something, then bersiplah to die. Because if you are not ready to die, you will suffer, loss, and regret.

If you want to claim something, then Seek the hereafter. Because you will not get it unless the look.

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