Johann Sebastian Bach (lahir di Eisenach, Jerman, 21 Maret 1685 – meninggal 28 Juli 1750 pada umur 65 tahun adalah seorang komponis Jerman . Ia menggubah musik untuk alat musik organ, harpsichord dan clavichord, dan juga untuk orkestra. Karyanya yang paling terkenal adalah Brandenburg concerto.
Western European music styles certainly differ. The one way, another way. Great composer Johann Sebastian Bach Germans who managed to combine all that, how many flowers are summarized in a single pot. He pinch the best of Italian, French, and German musical tradition, he managed to enrich in a beautiful blend. In his lifetime Bach was not so famous, even ignored the almost fifty years after his death. However, his fame rose decisively at one hundred fifty years, and now he is famous and considered one of the two or three greatest musician of all time. In fact, according to some, he was the greatest of the greatest.

Bach was born in 1685 in the town of Eisenach, Germany. Basic luckily he was born in an environment where people admired musical talent and the work was awarded to music creation. Bach family was classified as those known in the music world for years before Bach was born. His father was a violinist who can, both his uncle's famous composer-arranger, and many cousins ​​also include people who are respected in the music world.

Mother left the mundane world of Bach when he was nine years old and he became an orphan when ten years of age. As a teenager, he obtained a scholarship to school St. Michael at Luneburg, in part because his voice is good, partly because of its needs. He graduated from the school in 1702 and in subsequent years so he can fiddle position at a chamber music group. More than twenty years he held miscellaneous jobs. During his lifetime Bach is mainly known as a great organ player, even though it coincided with him a composer, teacher and orchestra leader. In 1723 when he reached age twenty-seven years so he can position the group leader of the church of St. singer. Thomas in Leipzig. This position is held for twenty years of his life. He died in 1750.

Despite Bach's always a good position and can maintain his family, he is not as well known as Mozart and Beethoven during his life (not even as well known as Frederich Chopin and Franz Liszt). Not all helpers insyaf Bach on his genius. In Leipzig, the city council wanted to hire a "first-class musician." Only after they had managed to acquire it, the post was offered to Bach reluctantly! (On the other hand, a few years later, when he wanted to quit his job as the organist and leader of the concert at the palace in Weimar in order to move new work, the prince was reluctant to pass the desires and Bach thrown into prison. Bach curled over three weeks in Prince jail before finally softened).

Bach married his cousin when the age of twenty-two years. No fewer than seven children berojol of marriage, but his wife died when Bach was thirty-five years. He remarried the following year. The second wife is not only nurturing and raising seven children, but she also gave birth to thirteen children. Only seven children who lived up to Bach Bach died, but four of them became famous musician on the results of its own. Truly a talented family! Bach a prolific musician. Her work includes approximately 3000 "contants" (short music sung by a choir and a soloist); a set of 48 "figures" or a musical composition that brought more than one theme and sounds that change in turns and then repeated in a chart that is difficult, and "Prelude" or beginners who form the composition of "The Well-Tempered Clavier"; at least 140 "Prelude" more, more than 100 compositions Harp tools; 23 "Concertos" or a musical composition for one or more solo instruments backed by an orchestra; 4 "overtures" the predecessor of opera or musical composition; 33 "sonata" or a musical composition for one instrument such as piano, 5 "Masses" or set the orchestra playing in unison; 3 "oratorios" or composition of religious music, and many others. Short stories, Bach created more than 800 serious music during his lifetime.

He was a follower of Luther, and very devout. He wants his music to serve the interests of the church, and most of his work was religious music. He had no clue to try to find something new musical form, but simply raise the quality of existing music alone.

Within half a century after his death, Johann Sebastian Bach's music is generally underestimated. (It should be noted, nevertheless, the greatest musicians of the time - Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven - think Bach was a genius). Developing a new style of music, old-fashioned style of Bach and relax. However, after the year 1800 there is a revival of the Bach, and since then he has kept up its reputation. In the secular age, as now more popular than Bach in his own era. This is odd! Composers who are considered old-fashioned 200 years ago, good old fashioned old-fashioned style and content of the problem, now just admired. Why is that? What is the cause of a terrible reputation?

First, Bach is generally considered to be technically a "handyman" best of all the composers, the great composers. He is very familiar and well known all sources of music in his time and he could use with a very perfect. For example, there was a composer who was able to match let alone beat the mastery of Bach on the so-called "counter point", which is a technique of two or more melodies played simultaneously at the same time. Add Similarly, his works are admired for his orchestra logical and religious appearance, admirable steadiness on the theme of his argument, admired the expressive rhythm-rhythm.

For students in the field of serious music, the depth and complexity of the structure of Bach's compositions serve their long-lasting appeal than any other composer's work is easy to understand. Many enthusiasts consider Bach a composer of music is difficult, but can also be proven that his followers are not composed of a small elite group of music alone. Tape-recording may be sold over the work of composers other than Beethoven, composer. (Of course, in the long run by Bach or Beethoven heard and listened to a lot more people than the works of composers of the "popular" that if the newly emerging "bright," but his popularity quickly faded).

Bach in which order must be placed in this book? Obviously, he must be placed under Beethoven, not only because of Beethoven's more famous, but he was a reformer who dared to influence the course of world history of music than Bach. Bach also seemed appropriate to put under Michelangelo, a leading figure in the field of visual arts, and far below Shakespeare, poet of genius. But, judging from the popularity of the music of Bach and lasting influence on the composers, composers who came later, was supposed to put on over top of the leader sequence of letters and other artists.

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