Aelita Andre- Painters at The Age of 2 Years Old

Aelita Andre

This Australian-born children, only two years old already show his quality as a genius, he has a theater to abstract works. At first, Mark Jamieson, director of the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne's Fitzroy. Tretarik see a photograph paintings of Aelita Andre. and he wants to join the group because the talent is painting. When the invitation was made​​, he had just realized that Aelita is a child as young as 22 months. However he continued to show it.

2-year-old painter whose works were exhibited in many Gallery Abstract paintings works of painter Aelita Andre (2 years) to make the people the arts in Australia amazed. Aelita got an opportunity to showcase his work when Mark Jameison, director of the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne, was asked by a photographer to include Aelita works in the exhibition by showing some of the works to Jameison Aelita. Jameison agreed to include the works without knowing who the real Aelita Aelita.

Jameison began promoting the show, printing invitations and display ads in art magazines like Art Almanac and Art Collector. After that, Jameison find astonishing fact that the artist, Aelita Andre, was a small child, the daughter of Mr.Kalashikova, and only 22 months old.

Aelita and now works much discussed and used by various media such as BBC World News, Telegraph (England), Art Collector, Art Almanac, and international publications in Germany, Russia, Spain, China, Asia, Japan, Usa,and other .. . One of Aelita's work entitled "EAGLE"

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Aelita on your blog. We are all very excited for her upcoming Aelita Andre:Secret Universe / a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery. We invite everyone to come take a look at the work for themselves between the gallery hours of Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM to 6PM, June 12th through July 3rd.

    Here is the link to her new exhibition and video of her painting:

  2. okay thank you very much, for the information

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